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Saturday, January 27, 2024

That mysterious person, who disappeared from a flying plane 53 years ago, now this secret will be revealed.

On November 24, 1971, a man named DB Cooper hijacked a plane in the sky and then escaped by jumping out of the flying plane with two lakh dollars. Who this person was remains a mystery till date. Even the FBI has failed to find him, but now a secret is about to be revealed.

They say that no thief or criminal can escape from theft, sooner or later he gets caught by the police, but this is not the case with DB Cooper. It has been 53 years since this person hijacked a plane and disappeared forever in the darkness of the night. On November 24, 1971, DB Cooper hijacked Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305 in the air at gunpoint. He had threatened that if he was not given two lakh dollars and four parachutes, he would blow up the Boeing plane. When he got the money, he jumped down from the flying plane itself, which was at a height of thousands of feet in the sky.

After this incident, DB Cooper became an international criminal and the most surprising thing is that he has never been found till date. His real identity is still unknown, that is, no one knows who he was, where he came from and where he went. Many efforts were made to find him. The FBI also tried their best, but they too failed to officially find out who he was. Finally, in 2016, the FBI closed the case.

This person is looking for DB Cooper?

Although the FBI may have closed the case, there is a man named Eric Ulis who is obsessed with finding DB Cooper. According to the report of LadBible, he has been investigating the case for more than a decade and now he has got hold of something which he is claiming will solve the mystery of DB Cooper forever. Will solve it.

Was DB Cooper's DNA found?

In fact, Eric revealed only last week that he had secured a DNA sample from DB Cooper's tie left at the crime scene. They say the samples revealed traces of stainless steel and titanium and pointed to the now-defunct Pennsylvania Steel Company, which at the time supplied aircraft manufacturer Boeing with many of the materials used to build their planes. Used to supply. Because of these samples, suspicion fell on research engineer Vince Peterson, who died in 2002. Eric believes that whoever Cooper was, he definitely had some connection with Peterson.

Speaking to Fox News, Eric believes that it was from Peterson that Cooper might have got the information about how the plane works and that there was a 'recession' in Boeing in the year 1971, which might have affected the livelihood of that person. He said that employees of Crucible Steel Company also frequently traveled to Seattle due to their connection with Boeing and the plane hijacked by DB Cooper was also going there.

Will the envelope open the secrets of DB Cooper?

Speaking to LadBible, Eric said he managed to speak to Peterson's family. However, he is adamant that his father is not DB Cooper. He has given Eric an envelope from Peterson, which is from 1961. Eric says that this envelope is filled with Peterson's DNA, which is yet to be tested. He says that by the end of this year it will be known through DNA testing whether Peterson is DB Cooper or not.

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