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Sunday, November 5, 2023

Why go for fake sweets when these healthy desserts can be made at home?

It is not possible not to taste sweets during festival celebrations. But the sweets available in the market are adulterated, which is difficult to identify. This Diwali and Bhai Dooj, you can prepare some such desserts at home, which are better in terms of health and taste.

The festive season is going on. Dussehra has ended in the season that started with Navratri. People are waiting for the biggest festival of the year, Diwali. Celebration of the festival is incomplete without sweets. Every year, it is common to see black marketing of sweets which enhance sweetness in festive atmosphere or rigging in its preparation. People eat fake sweets with pleasure whereas it is equivalent to poison for the body. Do you know that now you can prepare sweets in a healthy way at home?

Homemade desert definitely takes hard work but one does not have to compromise in terms of quality. Add the flavor of your sweets to the celebrations of Diwali, Dhanteras and Bhai Dooj. Therefore, in this festive season, try these healthy dessert options and sweeten the mouth of your guests while taking care of your health.

date sweets

For Diwali or other festivals, you can try healthy desserts made from cashews, almonds and pistachios. The most common desserts made from dates are: Dates contain natural sugar, hence you can prepare laddus by grinding dry fruits in it and the taste of sweets made from dates is different.

Dry Fruit Desserts

To sweeten the mouth of guests during the festive season, you can make sweets of dry fruits. For sugar, you can use jaggery in it. While preparing sweets at home, it is best to use jaggery syrup.

various types of laddus

By the way, you can also make gram flour and coconut laddus at home. Gram flour and coconut are considered good for health. If you want to make the sweets made from these healthy, then use minimum oil and sugar in them. To enhance the taste of coconut laddus, you can also include nuts in them.

Make Kaju Katli at home

Cashew Katli available in the market can also be prepared at home. Apart from adulteration, Kaju Katli from the market also contains excessive sugar. You can make it in a healthy way at home with some things.

Kalakand from curdled milk

There are many videos available on the net to make tasty sweets like Kalakand. You can also prepare Kalakand at home from curdled milk. This festive season, ignore the sweets from the markets and try these options at home.

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