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Thursday, November 16, 2023

MP Election 2023: Who are Jai-Viru and Gabbar of politics? How did film characters enter Madhya Pradesh elections?

Madhya Pradesh Elections 2023: Campaigning for the elections to be held on November 17 in Madhya Pradesh has stopped. But the state election campaign is still being discussed. That's because everyone from Jai-Veeru, Gabbar, Bachchan and Salman to Ram, Ahiravan, Dhritarashtra were there in this campaign. To woo the voters, the leaders' film style and religious knowledge were also shown. In the election campaign, political veterans mentioned film characters as well as characters from 'Ramayana' and 'Mahabharata'.

Kamal Nath and Digvijay.. Jai-Viru

The dispute between Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh regarding distribution of tickets in Congress is not hidden from anyone. To end the dispute between these two, senior Congress leaders had to intervene. Party general secretary Randeep Surjewala, while trying to cool down the matter, had described the friendship between the two veteran leaders as similar to the friendship between the characters 'Jai' and 'Veeru' of 'Sholay'. The roles of 'Jai' and 'Veeru' were played by Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra in the blockbuster film.

Shivraj Singh Chauhan Gabbar!

Taking aim at Nath's comments, the ruling BJP in the state had taunted that 'Jai' and 'Veeru' are known as 'thieves' in the film. Later, Nath termed Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan as 'Gabbar', the main villain of the film and accused him of looting the state through various scams. Chauhan later said that the Congress leaders were calling this pair (Nath and Singh) as 'Jai' - 'Veeru' pair, whereas this pair is not of Jai-Viru but of Shyam and Chhenu of another film 'Mere Apne'. Who kept fighting to capture their respective areas.

Comparison of Singh and Nath with 'Dhritarashtra'

The Chief Minister said that this divided Congress can never do any good to Madhya Pradesh. In one of his election rallies, Chouhan compared Singh and Nath to Mahabharata character 'Dhritarashtra', saying that both the leaders have sidelined the party organization to install their sons and hand over the reins of the state to them. Taking a dig at Nath's "tear clothes" comment, on November 4, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that the Congress leader, his "dialogues" and his announcements were all "filmi".

PM Modi quipped

He said, 'Congress leaders are filmy, their dialogues are filmy, their announcements are filmy, their characters are also filmy and when the character is filmy then obviously the scene will also be filmy.' The Prime Minister had said that a 'clothes tearing' competition was going on between the two Congress leaders. He said it was just a "trailer". After the victory of BJP on December 3 (when the votes will be counted), the real picture of Congress will be seen here. The real struggle within Congress will come to light.

Priyanka's target on Shivraj

On the last day of election campaigning on Wednesday, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had sarcastically said that Chief Minister Chouhan is a 'world-famous actor' who can defeat even megastar Amitabh Bachchan, but whenever anyone talks about work , then he (comedian) starts behaving like Asrani. He also took a dig at Prime Minister Modi for 'crying' about the alleged misbehavior by the opposition.

Mention of Salman's film Tere Naam

Gandhi had said, "Have you seen Salman Khan's film 'Tere Naam' in which he keeps crying from the beginning till the end? I say, let us make a film on Modi ji titled 'Mere Naam'." Earlier, during a rally in Saver, from where Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia's close aide and Minister of State Tulsiram Silawat is contesting, Priyanka had claimed that just as Ahiravana (a character from Ramayana) had killed Lord Ram, Cheated you, in the same way they (BJP) stole your elected government and took it to the corrupt world.

Counting of votes on December 3

During the election campaign, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge had recently said that Prime Minister Modi and MP Chief Minister Chouhan along with the three central agencies of ED, CBI and Income Tax are the "Panch Pandavas" against whom the Congress is fighting. He had alleged that central agencies are in the fray on behalf of BJP. Voting for the 230-member Madhya Pradesh Assembly will be held on Friday and counting of votes will take place on December 3.

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