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Thursday, November 16, 2023

India can win the World Cup 2023 trophy, the dream will be fulfilled after 12 years due to Rohit's smart captaincy!


World Cup 2023: Indian captain Rohit Sharma, who gave a great start to the team by putting pressure on the bowlers of the opposing team with his fearless and selfless batting in the World Cup, is just one win away from this global title. Rohit missed completing a century at least five times in this World Cup, but he won the hearts of crores of cricket fans of the country with his positive attitude. Rohit Sharma is batting by taking risks and ignoring personal achievements in the interest of the team. 

India can win the World Cup 2023 trophy

Rohit will turn 36 years and 203 days on the day of the World Cup final to be played on 19 November. There is a strong possibility that this will be his last World Cup, because the next World Cup will be held in 2027 by which time Rohit will be more than 40 years old. November 19 will be the most important day in Rohit Sharma's cricket career filled with ups and downs of more than 16 years. Rohit had said before the Asia Cup, 'I want to achieve many memorable achievements with this team in the next two months.' However, this change in Rohit's attitude had started last year itself.

Team India's dream will come true!

Nasir Hussain, during his conversation with Sky Sports, told what the Indian captain had said to Dinesh Karthik after the defeat at the hands of champions England in the semi-finals of the last T20 World Cup. Rohit had told Karthik, who was a part of that team, 'We need to change our approach.' A change in approach always results in a change in mindset and when the captain acts on his words, it becomes much easier for others to follow him. When Rohit became the full-time captain for the first time, he said something very relevant in his initial press conference.

Childhood coach made a big revelation 

Rohit had then said, 'I will not ask anyone to do anything that I cannot do myself.' Rohit's childhood coach Dinesh Lad said that his disciple has been like this since childhood. Rohit's childhood coach Dinesh Lad said, 'I remember an incident from his Under-19 days. We all were standing somewhere and this shining Mercedes was standing on the other side of the road. Rohit looked at it for a while and said, 'I will buy this one day.' I said to Rohit, 'Rohit, have you gone mad, you haven't even played anything yet.'

Rohit had a luxury car in his garage

Dinesh Lad had no idea that this was not an average 17 year old child. After winning the T20 World Cup in less than three years, he had a luxury car in his garage. Lad himself admits that he never realized that his disciple was such a brilliant and confident player. Lad said, 'Even when he captained his school team, he was always selfless. What you are seeing today did not happen overnight. His specialty has been to play a role for the team without giving importance to his achievements.

The time between 2009 and 2011 was very challenging for Rohit.

Lad said that after the initial high of the 2007 T20 World Cup and the CB series in Australia at the end of the year, the time between 2009 and 2011 was very challenging for Rohit. His biggest disappointment was missing out on a place in the 2011 World Cup team. Lad said, 'I remember he told me, 'Sir, you will not complain that I do not work hard. I will spend a lot of time on my game', he promised and you can say, he has kept his promise.

Rohit did a lot for the team with his captaincy.

Rohit is also known for his friendship with the junior players of the team. If he has confidence in a player's talent, he fully supports the player. Shreyas Iyer, who played a brilliant century in the semi-final against New Zealand, said, 'I was under pressure but it was very important for the captain to have faith in me. They told me that we (management) have confidence in you and whatever is being said is outside noise. Rohit did a lot for the team with his captaincy, now it is the responsibility of the team to bring a smile on the face of its captain by winning the World Cup.

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