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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Mangalyaan-2 will now fly after Sun-Moon, this mission of ISRO is so different from NASA

ISRO, which created history by soft landing Chandrayaan-3 on the Moon, is making new achievements by putting it at the center of space exploration. After the Moon, India's space agency has launched Aditya L1 mission for the Sun. Now his focus is on Gaganyaan for which all preparations and testing have been completed. After this, it is the turn of Mangalyaan-02 which is to be launched in 2024 only.

After Moon and Sun, ISRO will now explore the secrets of Mars. ISRO has started preparations for this. It is believed that the Indian Space Research Organization i.e. ISRO will launch this mission in 2024. Which will explore those mysteries of Mars which even NASA has not been successful in solving till now. However, before that, the focus of ISRO scientists is on Gaganyaan, which is India's first manned mission.

India had created history by making soft landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon. Soon after this, India's space agency achieved another success and to reveal the secrets of the Sun, it launched Aditya L1, which is currently on its journey to the Sun's L1 point. Testing of Gaganyaan mission is also almost completed. In such a situation, ISRO scientists have now started focusing on Mangalyaan-2. It is believed that this mission will be launched by the end of 2024. Recently ISRO officials had confirmed this. This will be Mars Orbiter Mission-2, before this in 2014 India had launched Mangalyaan-1 which was successful.

Will find out the atmosphere and environment of Mars

Mangalyaan-1 was India's first mission that was sent to another planet. It was launched from PSLV which successfully reached the orbit of Mars. The special thing is that India became the fourth country in the world to inject Mangalyaan into the orbit of Mars. Now India wants to take this mission forward, for this India will launch Mars Orbiter Mission-2 which will study the environment and atmosphere of Mars from its orbit and will provide information to ISRO, of which India is still unaware.

Four payloads will go with Mangalyaan-2

Four payloads will be sent with the Mangalyaan-2 mission, including the Mars Orbit Dust Experiment (MODEX) which will study the dust flying on Mars. Apart from this, it will also have an Energetic Ion Spectrometer (EIS) which will provide information about its magnetic or gravitational properties. The third payload will be Radio Occultation (RO) which will give information about its atmosphere and the fourth payload will be Electric Field Experiment (LPEX). It will also have a high resolution camera which will take pictures of Mars.

MOM-2 will be similar to NASA's mission

NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution i.e. Maven is currently working, this mission was designed for 2 years, launched in 2013, this mission is still active and will work continuously till 2030. This mission is also connected to the NASA rover which is continuously working on Mars. Mars Orbiter Mission-2 i.e. MOM-2 will also work like NASA's mission and will explore the atmosphere, environment and other mysteries of Mars.

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