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Monday, November 6, 2023

Health: What is schizophrenia? In which one starts feeling fear of one's own relatives

Schizophrenia is a mental condition in which the victim becomes afraid of social interaction and many changes are seen in his behavior, which are very important to pay attention to in time, because with time the situation can become very serious. Is.

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder. The person suffering from this may have to face problems in daily work in social and professional fields. Although this disorder is considered quite rare, it is a very serious problem and around 20 lakh people across the world are suffering from this disease. This problem is mostly seen in teenage children. 'Schizophrenia' is a Greek word, which means 'split mind'. In this a state of hallucination i.e. confusion is created. Due to which the victims may have to face difficulties in social interaction.

Many times, people fall into superstition due to lack of proper awareness about schizophrenia sufferers. Whereas this problem is a mental disorder, which can be controlled through good environment, therapy and medicines. It is important to pay attention to the symptoms in time, so that the situation can be managed before it worsens.

What problems do schizophrenia patients face?

If a teenager is suffering from schizophrenia, it is very difficult to identify its symptoms, because many times it is confused with age-related behavior. The person (boy or girl) suffering from this problem starts getting cut off from the society. His behavior towards others starts changing and he becomes suspicious of small things and starts feeling more safe when alone.

What could be the reason?

Although there are no clear causes of schizophrenia. This problem can be due to drugs, excessive alcohol consumption, being under too much stress, genetics or any chronic disease related to the brain.

What are the mental symptoms of schizophrenia?

If we talk about the mental symptoms of schizophrenia, then living alone, avoiding people, being afraid of going to crowded places, being in a state of confusion and feeling strange things (which do not exist), not understanding the emotions according to the situation. Paana, always remain disappointed towards life.

What are the social symptoms of schizophrenia?

Due to this disease, problems like change in appetite pattern, pale face, weight loss, inability to do daily tasks properly can occur. These problems should not be ignored.

What is its test and treatment?

There is no accurate test available to diagnose schizophrenia. For this, doctors evaluate the patient's medical case history, mental condition, social factors and symptoms. This problem can be controlled with meditation, support from close ones and behavioral therapy and medicines. At the same time, the patient should be kept away from things like intoxication and smoking.

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