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Monday, November 6, 2023

Is skin allergy a sign of any disease? know from doctor

In today's time, skin related diseases are increasing a lot. People at any age are becoming victims of skin diseases. What is the reason for skin diseases? We have talked to experts to know about its symptoms and prevention. Let us know about skin diseases in detail.

Nowadays many people are troubled by skin diseases, food habits, air pollution, or reaction to any medicine can be the reason related to skin allergy. If skin diseases do not get timely treatment, then these diseases rapidly spread to other parts of the body as well. Air pollution or reaction to any medicine can be the cause of skin allergy. Try to consult a doctor if any skin related disease is bothering you. Let us tell you how to prevent skin diseases and what are its initial symptoms? To know this, has talked to Dr. Soumya Sachdeva, dermatologist of Max Hospital.

Dr. Soumya Sachdeva says, due to change in weather, the risk of viral infection increases due to which small rashes appear on our skin and pollution also has a huge impact on the skin. Pollution due to firecrackers increases a lot during Diwali, which is very dangerous for our skin. If we want to protect our skin from air pollution, we should use sunscreen cream, include good food in our diet and drink as much water as possible.

frequent itching on the skin

Dr. says that there can be many different reasons for itching on the skin. There are some skin related diseases in which itching occurs again and again, such as eczema, fungal infection and hives. In all these skin diseases, after some time, the patients also start itching in the skin. If this itching is increasing then it is advisable to consult a skin specialist once.

Skin rashes and discoloration

Dr. Sachdeva says that rashes and color change on the skin can be a different skin related problem, due to which the skin turns white and black. The skin at the treated area becomes black which becomes normal after some time.

How responsible is eating outside?

Dr. says that while eating outside, proper attention is not given to cleanliness, the same oil is used repeatedly after heating it for eating, which is not good for our health. Due to which many times allergies appear in the form of hives and rashes. Usually it goes away on its own, but if you do not get relief then definitely consult a doctor.

What are the preventive measures?

Doctors say that if you want to avoid skin diseases, you will have to use sunscreen cream. Consumption of junk food will have to be reduced. Do not drink alcohol. Also, keep your diet correct during the changing seasons. Do exercise and yoga and drink plenty of water.

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