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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Do You Know That Butterfly Tastes With Its Feet? Know 10 Interesting Facts About Butterflies.

Interesting facts about butterflies : As soon as the name Titli is heard, many colors flicker in front of the eyes. The life journey of a butterfly which attracts with its color and beauty is also very interesting. A caterpillar that emerges from an egg is called a larva. It grows by eating the leaves of the plant. Then a hard shell is formed around it which is called pupa. After some time the butterfly breaks the pupa and comes out. 

'The butterfly flew... kept flying'

Butterfly...whose mind is very sharp. Besides, its ability to see, smell, taste, fly and recognize different places is also amazing. It has a very special relationship with flowers. It fills its stomach by sucking pollen from flowers. Along with this, it is also a carrier of pollen. After reaching adulthood they usually return to the same plant where they spent their initial years. The lifespan of the butterfly is 30 to 45 days. Thousands of species of butterflies are found around the world and the fastest flying butterfly so far has been identified as the Giant Birdwing which is found on the Solomon Islands. Butterflies have many characteristics and today we are going to tell you some interesting facts about this beautiful creature.

Interesting facts about butterflies

  1. You will be surprised to know that a butterfly tastes its food with its feet. Their sense of taste is in their feet. Till now, butterfly is probably the only species identified in the world which senses taste through its feet.
  2. Female butterflies are larger than male butterflies. Their size is large and they always lay eggs on leaves.
  3. Butterfly does not have the ability to hear. But she can feel vibrations.
  4. Similarly, she uses her antennae and not her nose to smell. With the antennae on the butterfly's head, it can detect the smell of any object.
  5. Don't go by its size. Despite being so small, it can fly at a speed of about 17 kilometers per hour.
  6. Based on many types of research, it has been discovered that butterflies can see the future. This means that she can predict the next day's weather a day in advance.
  7. This small insect has so many qualities that we cannot even imagine. A butterfly has 6000 lenses in its eyes and can see ultraviolet rays which even humans cannot see.
  8. The colorful wings of a butterfly attract us the most. But do you know that the butterfly has four wings on its back? The butterfly's wings are transparent in effect. But the color and pattern that our eyes see in it is due to the thin layer formed on the butterfly's wings, which is formed by the reflection of light.
  9. Butterflies are cold blooded creatures. They can fly only when their body temperature is above 29 degrees Celsius. And because their blood is cold, they are not able to control their body temperature and they are not able to fly in low temperatures.
  10. According to scientific research, many adult butterflies digest their food completely. No waste of any kind comes out from their body.

Disclaimer : All this information has been obtained from material based on various scientific research. We do not make any claim regarding this.)

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