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Thursday, November 16, 2023

If You Are Going To Get Married Then Take Special Care Of This, Otherwise Your Relationship May Break.


Relationship Tips:  The time from engagement to marriage is an important and delicate period, which can be seen as “Golden Time”. During this time, both the partners and their family members try to understand each other better and take various steps to strengthen the relationship. During the golden time, both the partners try to understand each other's habits, values ​​and interests, so that they can live a dedicated and intelligent life with each other, but sometimes a little carelessness can also cause the relationship to break. She goes. So let us know which mistakes should be avoided at this time…

don't follow orders

After engagement, people sometimes become curious and try to impose orders on their fiancé, but it is important that they understand that engagement is just a promise and it is the beginning of a relationship and not a full-fledged marriage. After engagement, partners should continuously try to strengthen their relationship with mutual understanding and consent. You must remember that every person is entitled to his personal freedom.

don't meet too much

It is often seen that after engagement, the boy and the girl start meeting each other, which sometimes becomes the reason for the breakup of the relationship. This becomes fatal when it comes to getting too close. Therefore, it is important to maintain the decorum of the relationship by using your discretion.

don't talk too much

Conversation between people after engagement is very important and this conversation should be done with understanding and respect. During this time you get a chance to express your feelings and thoughts. Therefore, you should have a consensual conversation with your fiancé, so that both of you can share your thoughts and ideas. After engagement, communicate intelligently to clear any misunderstanding. Also respect your partner.

don't speak ill of the family

Marriage is the union of one family with another. It involves a sense of respect, consent and understanding. After marriage, family members get the opportunity to spend life with each other. Therefore, do not speak ill of the family during the conversation, otherwise it may prove wrong for you.

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