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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Diabetes: Taking these skin problems lightly will take a toll on your health! symptoms of diabetes

Most people do not take skin problems seriously, however, if abnormal changes are seen on the skin, they should be immediately paid attention to, because these may not be just related to your skin, but can also be a sign of some serious health problem. You can also suffer from skin related diseases in diabetes.=

In case of problems like ringworm and itching on the skin, we get some treatment done. Often it is not taken seriously and ignored. Although skin problems can be due to infection or lack of blood circulation, it can also be a sign of some health related problem. Symptoms of diabetes i.e. chronic disease diabetes can also appear on your skin and these skin problems can also take a serious form. If some unusual symptoms appear on the skin then it is important to pay attention to them.

If the blood sugar level in the body becomes unbalanced then it can be risky, hence it becomes necessary to keep an eye on every small symptom. If you are constantly suffering from skin related problems and these problems are recurring even after treatment, then get yourself checked. Know which skin problems indicate diabetes.

change in skin texture

People who suffer from diabetes have an increased risk of digital sclerosis. In which the texture of the skin starts changing. In this, the skin of the fingers on your hands and upper surface of the fingers starts feeling thicker than normal and its texture can be like wax. In such a situation, get your blood sugar checked.

recurring skin ulcers

White blisters on the fingers and toes can be a sign of increased sugar in the blood. These blisters usually heal in two to three weeks and most of the time they do not feel painful. If you notice such a problem, do not ignore it and contact a doctor and get proper examination done.

patches on the skin

Although the problem of necrobiosis (cells dying) is quite rare in diabetic people, but it should be paid attention to. In this problem, small red spots can appear on the skin, sometimes their color also appears yellow. At present, it is necessary to take great care in this matter.

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