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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Health Tips: Diabetes can cause kidney damage, know the method of prevention

Kidney Problem: If diabetes is not treated in time, it can cause problems like heart disease, stroke, neuropathy and blindness. But let us tell you that diabetes can also damage the kidneys. Let us know how to save kidneys in diabetes.

Blood Sugar: Due to irregular eating habits and poor lifestyle, people are also suffering from diabetes. Diabetes is such an incurable disease that it cannot be completely eradicated. It can be controlled only through medicines and right lifestyle. Due to increasing blood sugar level in the body, heart related problems can also occur. But do you know that increased blood sugar can also damage the kidneys?

According to health experts, the problem of diabetes was found in 80 percent of the patients suffering from kidney disease. The problem of kidney failure often occurs due to diabetes. Therefore, it is important to control the amount of sugar in the blood so that the kidneys are not affected.

Kidney disease in diabetic patients

In diabetes, the initial symptoms related to kidney disease are often ignored. Health experts say that these symptoms appear only when your kidneys are affected up to 80 percent. Sometimes this is detected due to leakage of albumin in the urine. Let us know its symptoms

get tired quickly

frequent urination at night

loss of appetite

Difficulty performing normal tasks

Shortness of breath

muscle cramps

If diabetes is not managed properly, it causes damage to the blood vessels and nerves inside the body. Due to which, along with other body parts, the kidneys also get damaged.

How to keep kidneys healthy

If you want to keep your kidneys safe then manage your blood sugar. Along with this, keep getting your blood sugar checked from time to time. In a balanced diet, take foods containing natural sugar in small quantities. Especially, keep things containing processed sugar away from your diet. Adopt good lifestyle habits which will not only keep diabetes under control but will also help you in keeping your kidneys healthy.

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