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Monday, October 9, 2023

When was Hamas, which caused havoc in Israel, established? How did he become so powerful? Know the answer to every question

There is a huge conflict between Israel and Hamas. For the past several years, Hamas has openly waged war against Israel. Hamas terrorists fired a large number of rockets at Israel. The Israeli Ambassador to America said that Hamas has fired more than 4,000 rockets at Israel.

The conflict between Hamas and Israel is intensifying. How long will the fight last? What will be its consequences? Time will tell. But from the point of view of competitive examinations, both Israel and Hamas have become important. Israel is a country and a large number of countries in the world call Hamas a terrorist organization. Although Hamas also rules the Gaza Strip area. These events happening at the international level become a part of Current Affairs and General Knowledge in competitive exams. It is important to know the complete details of these incidents.

Hamas was formally established in the year 1987. In fact, it has been in existence in some form or the other since the year 1970. Israel had also done the work of providing it with the initial fertilizer and water and today Hamas, like Bhasmasur, is raining ammunition on the people of Israel.

When did the controversy start?

When Israel came into existence in 1948, its conflict with Palestine started. The conflict between the two continued. Meanwhile, Israel realized that in some way or the other it was being weakened at the diplomatic level by Palestine, then it put a group of radical youth there in front of the moderate leaders of Palestine. It was also named Hamas at the same time.

Israel continued to provide fertilizer and water to Hamas. This was already disclosed by former Israeli military officer Sajev. Israel had also made proper arrangements for the budget for Hamas. Sejve was also the governor of Gaza around the year 1980, which is today under the control of Hamas.

Well, gradually Hamas sidelined the moderate leaders of Palestine and started carrying the flag of Palestine itself. Now when Hamas itself came forward to lead Palestine, naturally its relations with Israel deteriorated and it became its enemy. Stories of sporadic conflicts between Israel and Hamas have been coming to light earlier also. The attack of October 7, 2023 seems to be pre-planned.

How much damage was caused by Israel-Hamas War?

The Israeli Embassy in India confirmed the death of seven of its citizens late last night. Hamas also receives financial help from many Muslim countries. Even though it has not declared any of its leaders publicly, today Hamas is united. According to media reports, the armed wing of this organization has 27 thousand fighters. These are divided into six regional brigades, 25 battalions and 105 companies. The youth of Palestine are associated with Hamas.

Hamas continued in its campaign. Kept strengthening myself. Meanwhile, in 2006, when Israel removed its occupation from Gaza, Hamas gained further strength. Then elections were held here in which Hamas won. Since its establishment, Hamas has gradually strengthened itself. And he also forgot that Israel had once helped him to get up. Because now Hamas has started getting help from many Muslim countries and its ultimate objective is to destroy Israel and establish an Islamic nation there.

For the past several years, Hamas has openly waged war against Israel, which is now unfolding in an explosive form. Many countries of the world have declared Hamas a terrorist. Ever since Israel and Hamas came face to face, thousands of lives have been lost from both sides. According to the data available in the public domain, most of the common people of Palestine have been killed in this, but the blood of Israeli people has also been shed. Still flowing.

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