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Thursday, October 12, 2023

What is Sheikh Jarrah, West Bank and Gaza Strip… Israel has now left only 12% land with Palestine

Two parts of Palestine, one consisting of the Gaza Strip and one consisting of the West Bank. West Bank protests against Israel without resorting to violence. The West Bank has the support of Arab countries. On the other hand, Iran supports Gaza Strip. Till now, whenever Israel has been attacked with rockets, it has been from the Gaza Strip only.

Israel has decided to take gunpowder revenge against Hamas. Hamas positions are being selectively targeted. Israeli forces are targeting a multi-storey building in an airstrike, in which the building is turning into debris within a few moments. In response to the strike in Gaza, Hamas has threatened Israel, saying that in return for bombing every house, Israeli hostages will be killed and the death of hostages will also be telecasted live.

Hamas is aware of Israel's power. Hamas knows that it cannot stand against Israel for long in a one-on-one fight, but still on September 7, it launched its most gruesome attack so far. Actually, Hamas had prepared a special plan to take hostage of foreign citizens from Israel under Operation Al-Aqsa Flood. Now these hostages have been kept hidden in a secret tunnel built in Gaza, where it is very difficult for any secret agency of the world to reach and free the hostages.

Palestine lost land every time

Israel and Palestine come in the Middle East and this is the last line of Asia. Earlier this entire area belonged to Muslims and was known as Palestine, but after the formation of Israel on May 14, 1948, 44 percent of the land was given to it. Along with this, 48 ​​percent was occupied by Palestine and the remaining 8 percent was occupied by UNO, which included Jerusalem. UNO argued behind this that Jerusalem is a holy place for Jews, Muslims and Christians, hence it cannot be given to any one.

occupation of palestine land

As soon as Israel was formed, they fought a war against it, in which they suffered a crushing defeat and Israel captured 26 percent of Palestine's land. Now only 22 percent land is left with Palestine. The enmity between the two countries continued and then there were wars in 1956, 1967, 1973, 1983 and 2011, in which Israel again snatched 10 percent of Palestine's land. In such a situation, Palestine, which had got 48 percent land in 1948, now has only 12 percent land left and it is also struggling to save it.

Why does Sheikh Jarrah belong to the Jews?

The one who comes inside Jerusalem UNO, has a place called Sheikh Jarrah. The Supreme Court of Israel gave an order saying that the Palestinians living in Sheikh Jarrah should be removed from here because this place belongs to the Jews. About 150 years ago, Jews started buying the land of Sheikh Jarrah from Arab countries. They had the papers for this and the Supreme Court said that about 500 houses built here by the people of Palestine should be demolished by using JCB machines. The people of Palestine started an uproar regarding this matter and said why are you raising an old matter, because it is from 150 years ago.

People supporting Palestine often say that if you raise a 150 year old issue, there will be controversy, but they maintain silence on Turkey regarding a similar issue. There used to be a ruler named Sultan Al Fateh in Turkey, who bought the Hagia Sophia Mosque which was a topic of discussion at that time.

After that, when the British defeated the Ottoman Empire during the Second World War, they said that it was a church according to history and they bought it and converted it into a mosque. In such a situation, to end the controversy, it was decided to convert Hagia Sophia into a museum. But Ergodan, after assuming power, said that we had bought it 400 years ago, so we have the right over it and it should be a mosque.

What is the difference between West Bank and Gaza Strip?

Now only two pieces of Palestine are left, one being the Gaza Strip and one being part of the West Bank. West Bank moderates protest against Israel without resorting to violence. The West Bank has the support of Arab countries, while the Gaza Strip has the support of Iran. Whenever Israel is attacked with rockets, it is done from the Gaza Strip and Iran is also accused of providing it with all the weapons.

There is an organization named Hamas in Gaza Strip, which Israel calls a terrorist organization. Hamas says Israel always commits crimes and we will avenge the death of our people.

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