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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Bigg Boss 17: This time the game of Bigg Boss will not be the same for everyone, know what new will happen in Salman Khan's show?

The 17th season of Salman Khan's TV show Bigg Boss, known as the Bhaijaan of Bollywood, is going to start from October 15. In every season of Bigg Boss, the makers bring something new. Every season is based on a new theme. Let us tell you what is new about this and when and where you can watch this season.

Actually, many big Bollywood actors host shows on TV. But as popular as Salman Khan's Bigg Boss is and there is a craze for it among people, it is hardly possible for any other actor's show. Bigg Boss is said to be the most popular reality show of the small screen. Now Salman is coming back once again with his show. Bigg Boss 17 is going to start soon. In such a situation, let us know when and where you can watch this season. We also know what new is going to happen this time.

When the makers released the first promo video of Bigg Boss 17, people became very excited after watching it, because Salman Khan was seen in three different looks in it. Now whether Salman will really be seen in many different looks while hosting the show or not, it will be known only after the show starts. But this time Bigg Boss is definitely going to have three different incarnations.

What will be new in Bigg Boss?

Looking at all the promo videos of Bigg Boss that have come out so far, it is clear that this time the show is going to be quite different. This time the theme of Bigg Boss is 'Dil, Dimaag aur Dum'. These three are also different incarnations of Bigg Boss. It has been said that this time there is going to be a game of heart, mind and power in the house.

In the history of Bigg Boss, many contestants have come and gone, but this is going to be the first time that a couple will enter the show. This time there will be some single contestants and some couples inside the house. This time the game is not going to be single vs single, but single vs couple.

The game will not be the same for everyone

In a prom video, Salman Khan was seen saying that this time Bigg Boss will test love with the contestants. Now the couple is going to enter the show, so from these words of Salman it seems that Bigg Boss has thought of something new to test their love.

In every season we have seen that everything is the same for all the contestants inside the house. But this time it seems that the makers have made complete preparations to make the game even more exciting. Because it has been told in a promo video itself that this time the game is not going to be the same for everyone. Now it will be very interesting to see how Bigg Boss makes this show interesting. It is also being said that this time there is no uniform preparation in the house for the contestants to stay. Rather, two sections have been created for the contestants. First luxury section and second non luxury section. Now it has to be seen on what basis these sections are divided.

Some questions related to Bigg Boss 17

When is Bigg Boss 17 going to start ? This season of Bigg Boss is all set to hit TV from 15th October.

Where will you be able to see? Like every time, this season of Bigg Boss can be watched only on Colors TV. Apart from this, you will be able to enjoy this show on Jio Cinema app on mobile.

What time will the premiere take place? The show will premiere from Monday to Friday at 10 pm. However, the timing for Saturday and Sunday has been kept at 9 o'clock.

Contestants of Bigg Boss 17 - Now no official information has been revealed about which stars will participate in the show this time, but Ankita Lokhanda-Vicky Jain, Elvish Yadav's girlfriend Kirti Mehra, former Miss India and actress Many names including Manaswai Mamgai, Isha Malviya-Abhishek Kumar, Aishwarya Sharma-Neil Bhatt are being discussed.

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