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Friday, October 13, 2023

This man is so afraid of women, as if he has seen a ghost, he is suffering from a strange disease

Can anyone have such a disease in which a man becomes truly afraid of women? A person named Callitxe Nzamwita has one such disease, in which he is afraid of women as if he has seen a ghost. Due to fear of women, this person has been living alone in the house for the last 55 years.

It is natural to be afraid of something. Everyone feels fear. Someone gets scared after hearing about ghosts and someone gets scared after seeing ferocious animals, but have you ever heard about a person who is afraid of women? Yes, today we are going to tell you about one such person, who is afraid of women as if they are ghosts. It is being claimed that this man has spent 55 years living alone at home, hiding from women. During this period, leave alone talking to women, he has not even seen them.

You will be surprised to know that the man has also installed a '15 feet high fence' around his house, so that no woman can enter his house. The name of the person is Callitxe Nzamwita . According to the report of Daily Star, the man is currently 71 years old. Due to fear of women, he kept himself locked in his house for 55 years and kept himself away not only from women but also from men. However, despite this, the women living around her house helped her to survive and are still doing so.

Doesn't even look at women

In fact, the women of the village believe that if they do not help Calitex, he will die. That's why she brings groceries for him, but since he doesn't allow women to come close to him, she throws the groceries from outside into his house. Then he comes and picks up the things and goes back inside the house. According to reports, if he sees any woman going towards his house, he immediately locks himself inside. It is believed that this person is suffering from gynophobia. People suffering from this have a fear of women in their mind, hence they neither talk to them nor come forward.

These problems happen if you look at women

According to reports, just thinking about women causes severe problems for Calitex, making his life very difficult. Panic attacks, chest tightness, excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat and difficulty breathing are all listed as possible symptoms of gynophobia.

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