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Friday, October 13, 2023

Crown visible on people's Instagram profiles? Know what this feature is and how you can access it

If you are also an Instagram creator or user, then this feature of Instagram can prove beneficial for you. Here we will tell you why the crown shown on Instagram's profile is visible and how it can be visible on your profile.

If you use Instagram and the exclusive content and crown option has not yet come, then this information is for you. Actually, a new tap was added on Instagram for exclusive content in which you can post your unique content for which your followers will subscribe to your page. That means, like YouTube, your subscribers can increase on Instagram too.

Exclusive content for a content creator

Instagram paid subscriptions make it easier than ever to connect with your audience. Like the Feed Stories and Reels sections on your profile, a section of exclusive content is created. That means, if you want to show only your selected content to the people following you, then they will see only that.

Exclusive Content

If you already follow a creator and subscribe to see their content, their exclusive content will appear on your feed. You can go to a creator's profile and access content in the Exclusive Content tab, or only see content from creators you've subscribed to for exclusive content on your feed.

Instagram Feature

Exclusive content benefits for subscribers

If you're a subscriber, when you view a creator's profile, you'll see an Exclusive Content tab for posts and Reels. Subscriber Stories will be visible to you with a purple ring for 24 hours, unless the creator saves them to Highlights on the profile.

Subscription to view creator content

You can access your subscription feed by going to the Instagram home page and selecting Subscriptions from the drop-down menu. This feed will show content from the last 30 days, so you can see the latest exclusive posts and reels from creators you're subscribed to. If you're not a subscriber yet, you may see a crown icon and an option to subscribe to that creator.

Watch creator's exclusive content like this

For this you do not have to do anything, just go to the profile of your favorite creator and click on the subscription tab with the crown icon. Now here you will start seeing videos, reels and stories of their exclusive content.

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