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Monday, October 9, 2023

It enters your phone and takes out every information, this Israeli technology is famous all over the world

Pegasus Spyware: Israel has greatly strengthened its technology to deal with the Palestine issue. Whether it is farming with less water or making water from air, there is no limit to Israel's technology. Today we will talk about that Israeli software which silently steals all the data of the phone without anyone noticing.

Israel News: War continues between Israel and Hamas. Attacks and counterattacks are taking place from both sides. To avoid the Palestine crisis, Israel has worked a lot on technology since the beginning. Today the sound of Israeli technology is heard all over the world. There is a huge water problem in the only Jewish country in the world. He also found a solution to this problem and invented a special irrigation technology. However, today we are bringing among you an Israeli technology which is considered to be the most dangerous software in the world. Its name is Pegasus spyware.

Pegasus- This is a name which makes hackers all over the world happy. There is hardly any more powerful and secret spyware present in the whole world. NSO Group, an Israeli cyber intelligence firm, has developed Pegasus spyware. It can enter anyone's phone and steal all the data without anyone noticing. That is why controversy continues regarding Pegasus .

These people are the target of Pegasus

NSO Group continues to be accused that the Pegasus spyware created by it is used to track people. Pegasus has been controversial for intelligence tracking of politicians, government leaders, human rights activists, journalists etc. However, NSO Group has always rejected these allegations.

Cleanliness of NSO Group

The Israeli firm says that it sells Pegasus directly to governments. Government security and law enforcement agencies use Pegasus. This software is only for rescue operations, action against criminals, money laundering, sex and drug trafficking, terrorism etc.

Pegasus: This is how it infiltrates the phone

NSO Group's dangerous spyware can target most Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian operating systems. It gets installed in the phone without the owner's consent and without his knowledge. There is no need to click on any link for Pegasus to enter the phone.

Pegasus works on 'zero click' method. This means that there is no need to seduce the owner of the phone to get into the phone. Pegasus can be installed on the phone by sending messages or making calls through WhatsApp. Pegasus will enter the phone even if the message is deleted or the call is ignored.

Once entered into the phone, Pegasus starts doing its work. Pegasus gets full control over everything on the phone i.e. SMS messages, emails, photos, contacts, calendar, GPS data, logs, apps and data etc. Not only this, this spyware also does not leave encrypted data. WhatsApp is known for encryption messaging.

Questions raised in India also

After gaining control of the phone's camera, the phone owner can be tracked live at all times. Earlier this year, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi had alleged that he had Pegasus on his phone and he was being spied on. He said this during a lecture at Cambridge University, Britain. There was a lot of uproar in the Parliament regarding Pegasus.

It was claimed that Pegasus has been used for intelligence tracking in Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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