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Monday, October 9, 2023

Not only mobile but also WiFi is dangerous! The 'root' of this deadly disease is

WiFi Router: After Corona, the device that people have installed the most in their homes is Wi-Fi router. Routers have helped a lot in working from home and in children's education by providing fast internet, but do you know that Wi-Fi can also cause great harm to your body?

A lot has changed since the Corona epidemic arrived. During Covid 19, people did office work from home while children studied online from home. For both these purposes, people needed WiFi, now the situation is such that WiFi Router remains on in homes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They say that every coin has two sides, where you have seen one side of the Wi-Fi router that by installing it you got the facility of fast internet.

They say that if something has its benefits then it also has its disadvantages. Let us now explain to you about the other side of the coin, the other side of the coin includes some disadvantages of Wi-Fi routers.

There are many such reports in which it has been mentioned that this device which offers fast internet can become the cause of many serious diseases. According to information received from reports, very little radiation is emitted from Wi-Fi routers. There is no harm if you stay in touch with the device for some time, but due to the router being on 24 hours a day, its effect on health can be seen.

Stay away from these diseases

Due to electromagnetic radiation emitted from the router, the risk of not only cancer but also heart disease can increase. Wi-Fi has now become a necessity in every home, due to which it is not possible to remove it, but you can definitely take some precautions. To protect yourself from these diseases, firstly, you should not install a Wi-Fi router in the bedroom, secondly, the router should be switched off before sleeping at night.

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