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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

iPhone is facing heating problem, Apple itself told the way to avoid it

If your iPhone is facing heating problem then this information will prove beneficial for you. After this, there will be no problem of heating in your iPhone. If you follow these tips given by Apple, then this problem will not arise in your phone.

iPhone came after spending thousands of rupees but now you are facing heating problem, then this information is for you. Although heating issues have become common in mobile phones these days, this problem is being seen more in some models of Apple and the latest iPhone 15 series. Every day on social media platforms some iPhone user is expressing the problem of the phone heating up quickly.

Apple responded to these complaints and explained the reasons for this problem and also told how to avoid them. Here we will tell you why the phone is facing the problem of heating and how this problem can be avoided.

This is the reason why iPhone gets heated

This problem in the phone is happening due to apps like Instagram and Uber, apps running in the background and some bugs found in iOS 17. The company had earlier told the users that it is working with the app developers on this problem. Well, now Apple has released a new update for iOS 17.

There will be no problem of heating in the phone

Apple has eliminated the problem of overheating of the phone by fixing all the security patches and bugs in the iOS 17.0.3 update. The new update is of 423MB which you will find in the settings of your phone.

Keep your device in temperatures between -20º and 45ºC (-4º to 113ºF). Apart from this, avoid leaving your phone in the car. In fact, the temperature in a parked car can exceed this limit.

Keep the background apps of your phone closed, charge the phone from time to time and do not let its battery drain too much. Apart from this, give the phone some rest while doing photography and videography for a long time.

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