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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Health: Climb the stairs every day, say bye-bye to the lift, there are big benefits.

Due to less time in a busy life, keeping oneself fit seems like a task. However, if a little effort is made then fitness is not a big challenge. If you use stairs instead of lift, there are many benefits to your health including staying fit.

Be it a hotel, office or a big building built for living. Nowadays, stairs are often made in such places everywhere. From where they cannot be seen directly. At the same time, lifts and escalators are built in such places where your eyes easily reach and most of the people depend on lifts instead of stairs for commuting. This is the reason why people get surprised if they see someone alone climbing the stairs while waiting for the lift, but if one has to sit in one place while working all day, one has to get up and go somewhere. Using the stairs instead or climbing a few floors in shopping malls or other places is a great way to supercharge yourself.

To stay fit, people are often seen running in nearby parks or open spaces. Still, climbing stairs seems to be a lot more effort than walking or running on a flat road. At present, if we ignore the lift and climb the stairs even occasionally, there are many benefits to health.

Climbing stairs is beneficial for the heart

In today's time, heart related diseases have become common. There are many factors like poor lifestyle, working while sitting for long hours and hence little to no physical activity, which increase the risk of heart disease. In such a situation, if you are not able to give time to any kind of physical activity like cycling or walking even once a week, then climbing the stairs is a good way to maintain heart health. This can significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases. When you climb stairs, the body works harder and you can get the results of a good workout in less time.

Digestion improves, you will remain fit

Avoid the lift and use the stairs while going out and coming back to eat. This will make it easier for you to digest food and you will be protected from stomach related problems. Climbing stairs improves metabolic rate, which helps in keeping weight under control and you remain fit.

Benefits to muscles

Climbing up and down the stairs is a great way to get body movement in the middle of a boring and inactive day. With this, muscles can be strengthened and stamina also increases. While climbing stairs, the muscles of your lower body like hamstrings, glutes and quads become strong and toned. Reports say that just as doing squats is beneficial, climbing stairs is similar.

It is important to keep this thing in mind

Climbing and descending the stairs can be beneficial in many ways, from keeping the weight under control, but it depends on the speed at which you climb the stairs and for how long. Along with this, it also depends on the health, age and condition of the person as to how much benefit he will get.

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