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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Hair Care: This hair treatment can be dangerous for hair! be careful

Hair Care: Using the right product will give you thick and strong hair, but the wrong choice can cost you dearly. Let us know which hair treatments can be dangerous for hair.

Hair Treatment: Along with physical health, it is equally important to take care of hair. To make hair soft and shiny, we take many types of beauty treatments. But many times these treatments cause further damage to the hair. Everyone likes shiny, long and thick hair, but joining the race of beauty treatments makes the hair weak.

The direct effect of our lifestyle is visible on the skin as well as the hair. Stress, use of harmful products and many hair care treatments can cause problems like hair fall. Let us know which are those hair treatments which can be dangerous for hair.

keratin treatment

You must have heard the name of keratin treatment many times. For good hair, people adopt keratin treatment without knowing its effect. Let us tell you that in most of the cases keratin treatment proves to be effective but only for some time. This treatment makes the hair weak in the long run. According to hair experts, this treatment is not suitable for all types of hair. Due to this there is a risk of hair fall.

onion oil

Onion oil was among the top beauty treatments after Covid 19. You must have heard many times about using onion juice to prevent hair fall. But this can also cause danger to the hair. Onion oil is an anti-oxidant which contains a large amount of sulfur which is good for your hair. But this sulfur can also cause irritation in the skin of your hair. There is also no scientific evidence that this oil stops hair fall.

However, if the hair care treatment you have chosen is causing dry and weak hair or increasing dandruff, then it is important that you consult a good dermatologist about your problem.

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