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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

From Indira to Modi…what has been India's stand on the Israel-Palestine dispute so far?

India has always supported both Israel and Palestine, but its stand against terrorism has always been clear. India has always stood against terrorism. Let us know what has been India's stand on Israel and Palestine and how have been India's relations with these two countries.

India has condemned the attack on Israel by Palestinian Hamas. India has always been fighting against terrorism. Has been raising his voice on every platform. As part of his policy against terrorism, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has condemned the attack on Israel and has made it clear that India is with Israel in this hour of crisis. This does not at all mean that India is against Palestine.

India is with Palestine in every situation, but India is not with those who are forcibly occupying Palestine's Gaza area with the help of guns and running the system there. Gaza Strip is ruled by the same extremist group Hamas which has attacked Israel. Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas rules only the West Bank.

When did India recognize Israel?

To understand India's stand, we first have to go to the beginning of the relations between Israel and Palestine. Israel was established in 1948 and India recognized it in 1950 but political/diplomatic relations were not established. After 42 years, in 1992, India established diplomatic relations with Israel and the relations that were formed remain strong till today. Today both the countries are doing a lot of business with each other.

trade worth more than 7.5 billion

By the end of the last financial year, Israel's trade with India had exceeded US $ 7.5 billion. Before Covid it was only five billion dollars. India is Israel's third largest trading partner in Asia. Of the total arms exported from Israel, 40 percent reaches India. Both are 50 percent partners in the diamond business. Despite all this, India always refrained from supporting Israel's expansionist policy. He never supported Israel's occupation of Gaza or the West Bank. India, while maintaining its friendship with Israel, will not support it on any such controversial issue which may cause it to face any uncomfortable situation at the international level. There is an important similarity between Israel and India. Both countries are facing terrorism from across the border. Therefore both understand each other's problems.

That's why India does not oppose Palestine

India knows one more thing clearly that it has no direct benefit from Palestine, but supporting it will keep its relations with Arab countries comfortable. Things like oil, gas will continue to be imported and exports from India will also remain unchanged. Lakhs of Indians are working in Arab countries. There will be no trouble for them either. India's stand regarding both Israel and Palestine has always been clear. India has been supporting Palestine from the beginning. In the year 1947, India had voted against the partition of Palestine in the United Nations. India voted in favor of being accepted as a full member of UNESCO.

Indira Gandhi supported Palestine

In 2015, India supported the planting of the Palestinian flag at the UN complex when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister. Then she reached the airport in Delhi to welcome Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat. Whereas many countries of the world were calling Yasser Arafat a terrorist. In 1974, India supported Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. The leadership of Palestine has been continuously coming to India. PM Modi has also visited Palestine.

India has opened a school in Gaza Strip

In the year 1988, India recognized Palestine as a country. In this way it was the first non-Arab country to recognize it. India also opened its representative office in Gaza in 1996, which was later shifted to Ramallah, a city in the West Bank area. India has also built two schools in the West Bank of Palestine. Two libraries have also been established in the names of Nehru and Gandhi in Gaza Strip.

Mahatma Gandhi had made a comment in the year 1938 regarding the relationship between Palestine and Arab countries. Just as England is related to the English, France is related to the French, Palestine is related to the Arabs. Pandit Nehru had described the Palestine issue as the communal problems of his country.

In this way India's stand is clear. India does not support terrorism. No matter which part of the world he is in. The latest attack on Israel is condemnable and that is why India has said to stand with Israel. India has never been in favor of war. He is in favor of finding solutions to every problem peacefully and through dialogue. Opposition to Hamas attacks does not mean opposition to Palestine.

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