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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Why Israel, with a population of only 90 lakhs, is called Startup Nation, these are 5 big reasons

The dispute between Israel and Palestine is again in discussion. The reason is the ongoing war between Palestinian Hamas and Israel. Israel is a Jewish country and its population is around 90 lakhs. The number of startups here is more than other countries. Israel is also called Startup Nation.

The war continues between Israel and Palestine. This country may be small, but its name is included among the powerful countries of the world. Its population is only 90 lakhs. Israel's economy and security policy are considered very strong in the world. Israel is also called Startup Nation. After all, how such a small country became a startup nation, let us know.

The war between Israel and Palestinian Hamas has been going on since last Saturday. The dispute between these two countries is years old. This is not the first time that there is a war between these two countries, even before this both the countries have come face to face many times.

This is how the number of startups increased

The Israeli government takes initiatives to get funding etc. for startups. It also organizes many programs for new startups. Due to which it becomes easier for new startups to raise money. These startups are also given help by the government. For this reason, the number of startups is increasing rapidly here.

Israel started high-tech revolution

Israel started a high-tech revolution in 1990 to advance the country's development and economy. The Israeli startup market begins in the tech hub of Tel Aviv, extending to Jerusalem and beyond to the southern desert city of Beer-Sheva. One of the reasons why Israel got the name Startup Nation is the active promotion of government and private enterprises. The country claims to have an environment of transparency and cooperation. Entrepreneurs are at the forefront in supporting emerging people and innovating.

This is also the reason for becoming a startup nation

According to media reports, Israel's $4.8 billion venture capital investment is in startups and 85 percent of it comes from foreign investors. Israel invests about 4.3 percent of its GDP on research and development. About 350 big companies including Google, Apple, Meta, Microsoft have research centers in Israel. Most of the startups are in areas like health technology, phone apps, robotics, cyber security and AI.

Most startups in Israel

Israel has the highest number of startups per capita in the world. According to media reports, there is one startup for every 1400 people in Israel. This means that for a population of 1400, one person is the owner of one or the other company. The people here also remain ahead in research and innovation.

More than 3000 hi-tech startups

There are also more than 3000 high-tech startups in Israel. The number of home computers per capita is also high here. The per capita salary of working people in Israel is also high. The people here get a salary of more than Rs 2 lakh and the average annual income of the people is 40,000 US dollars.

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