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Friday, October 13, 2023

Committee formed, now central government can take a big decision soon, lakhs of farmers will benefit

In the year 2021, the Central Government had purchased apples directly from farmers in Jammu and Kashmir under the Market Intervention Scheme. Farmers did not have to suffer loss due to this. He got a fair rate for his crop. This is the reason why now the farmers of Himachal have demanded from the Central Government to start purchasing apples.

There is good news for the apple producing farmers of Himachal Pradesh. On the demand of the state government, the central government has formed a committee to purchase apples through NAFED. This committee will review the demand of Himachal government and after that will submit a report to the central government. It is being said that on the basis of the report, the Central Government can take a decision to import apples from farmers through NAFED like paddy and wheat. With this, farmers will be able to get fair rates for apples.

Actually, this year apple crops in Himachal Pradesh have suffered a lot of damage. Due to excessive rains, many apple orchards were hit by landslides. Due to this, farmers have suffered huge financial loss. Besides, due to untimely rains the apple fruits also rotted on the tree itself. Production has also been affected by this. Apart from this, many roads were destroyed due to rain in Himachal Pradesh. Due to this, apples are not able to reach the markets from the orchards on time.

Formed a committee

Local farmers say that firstly the weather ruined the crop and now apples are not getting fair rates in the market. They are suffering losses due to this. In such a situation, the central government should also directly purchase apples from farmers on the lines of paddy and wheat. This is the reason why, on the demand of farmers, the Himachal government has demanded from the Center to start purchasing apples through NAFED. After this the central government formed a committee.

Himachal Pradesh's share is 25 percent

Let us tell you that after Kashmir, the highest production of apples takes place in Himachal Pradesh. It ranks second in the country in terms of apple production. Himachali apple is supplied not only in the country but also in the neighboring country Nepal. The special thing is that Himachal Pradesh's share in the total apples produced in the country is 25 percent.

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