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Friday, October 13, 2023

Do not spread hatred in elections - be fair, INDIA alliance wrote a letter to Facebook and Google

The Indian alliance of opposition parties has written letters to social media sites Facebook, Google, YouTube and made serious allegations. It is claimed that its use promotes hatred in India. Surprisingly, these social media sites allegedly also promote hate content. Now the opposition has written a letter to their Chief and appealed to remain impartial and not contribute to spreading hatred in the Indian society.

Opposition Alliance India has written letters to CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sundar Pichai regarding the alleged involvement of their social media platforms in promoting communal hatred in the country. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, while sharing the letter on social media site X, said that Indian parties have accused Facebook of contributing to spreading hatred in the society and inciting communal hatred. The alliance has also requested social sites to remain impartial during elections.

The opposition alliance has also attached a report by Washington Post, in which hatred has allegedly been promoted in the country through social media sites. In the letter written to Zuckerberg, the opposition emphasized that the India alliance consists of 28 political parties who lead the joint opposition alliance. The parties included in these have governments in 11 states, which represent half of the total Indian voters.

Content of opposition leaders is not promoted

Congress President Kharge cited a Washington Post investigation that had revealed the role of WhatsApp and Facebook in promoting communal hatred by BJP members and supporters. He also cited another article titled “Under pressure from India, Facebook allows propaganda and hate speech to flourish”, which had allegedly exposed a nexus between the ruling dispensation and Facebook India executives. The parties accused Meta of algorithmic moderation and suppressing the content of opposition leaders while promoting the ruling party's content.

Maintain your impartiality, pay special attention in elections

Chairman Kharge asked these social media sites to maintain their impartiality and follow it especially during elections. Apart from these, the use of such sites in Indian democracy and the alleged nexus of their officials with the government was criticized. India demands that Facebook ensure that their platform is not used to spread hatred in India. Do not help in spreading social unrest. Follow democratic values ​​and do not forget your responsibilities.

Serious allegations of opposition alliance on YouTube also

In a letter written to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the opposition cited a Washington Post article in which YouTube had given an award to a YouTuber who live-streamed attacks on Indian Muslims. He accused YouTube of spreading hateful, communally divisive messages by BJP members and supporters and dividing the Indian society. He accused YouTube of spreading hatred in Indian society and inciting communal hatred. Apart from these, the government has been accused of promoting the content of party leaders and suppressing the content of opposition leaders.

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