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Saturday, October 14, 2023

Book returned to library after 90 years, fine imposed so much that you will be shocked to know

A woman has been fined for returning her book to the library after 90 years, but you will be surprised to know the amount of the fine. Actually, the woman's father had got that book released in the year 1933, but it was returned years after his death.

Library is a place where people go with the intention of reading books, because almost all types of books are available here which people want to read. However, some people get books issued from the library and also take them home, so that they can read comfortably at home. However, many times it happens that a person forgets to return those books to the library or due to some other reason that book is not able to reach back to the library. A matter related to this is much discussed these days, which has surprised people. The matter is from New York, America.

Actually, what happened is that a woman returned a book to the library after 90 years. His father had taken that book to him in the year 1933, but later he died and then that book remained kept. According to the report of New York Post, a person named Jimmy Ellis had released a book named 'Youth and Two Other Stories', written by Joseph Conrad, from Larchmont Public Library. Later he forgot to return this book to the library. This book remained lying at his house for many years. Meanwhile, he died in the year 1978.

book found during cleaning

Even after Jimmy's death, this book remained lying around for years until his daughter Joanie Morgan noticed it. Johnny told that one day while cleaning the house, he saw this book, which had the tag of Larchmont Public Library on it and the book looked very old. In such a situation, Johnny decided to return that book to the library.

The book was taken away 90 years ago

Librarian Caroline Cunningham told that when she got a call from Johnny Morgan and was told that she had an old book, which her father had taken away 90 years ago, she was also quite surprised to know this. Johnny told that Jimmy was his stepfather and he was the one who took this book. Jimmy lived with his first wife and two children near where the Larchmont Library is located. According to reports, the library has imposed a fine of 5 dollars i.e. about Rs 417 on Johnny for returning the book so late.

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