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Saturday, October 14, 2023

Son's DNA test was done to remove the doubt, then such truth was revealed, the ground slipped under the feet!

A person has told his shocking story on social media. He says that he had got his son's DNA test done to clear his doubts, but the test revealed that in reality the father of the child was not him but someone else.

Not in India, but in foreign countries, DNA test has now become a common thing. People are getting themselves or their children DNA tested whenever they want. Sometimes people are getting this test done just jokingly, but sometimes it is also happening that this DNA test itself is breaking families. In fact, after the test, people are coming to know the truth that their entire family is falling apart. A similar incident happened with a person also. Although his family has not been scattered yet, but after getting the DNA test done, he has come to know such a truth that the ground has slipped from under his feet.

Actually, the matter is such that the man had got his son's DNA test done, so that his doubt that he was his son would be removed, but the doubt which was sitting in his mind, finally after getting the DNA test done, it turned into belief. . The man came to know that the person he was considering as his son was actually not his son at all. This was very bad news for him, but now the person is saying that he cannot even tell anyone about it.

DNA test broke my heart

According to the Mirror report, the man told that he had secretly got the DNA test done, the report of which broke his heart. Elaborating further about his love story, the man said that in the initial days of his relationship with his girlfriend, she became pregnant and later gave birth to a child. It has been three years since he dated his girlfriend and their child is also two years old, whom both of them are raising together. However, now that the man has come to know that he is not actually the father of the child his girlfriend gave birth to, then this matter has left him confused. He is unable to understand how to handle the situation.

'The child doesn't look like me'

According to reports, this 30-year-old man has told his story on social media. He told that initially he also found it a bit strange that his girlfriend had insisted that she was pregnant and he was the father of her child. Because somewhere in the man's mind there was a suspicion that his child might not be his, because it did not look like him at all. The person told that I have brown hair and green eyes, whereas he has blonde hair and blue eyes. However, despite knowing all this, the man has decided that he will not tell anything about this to his girlfriend.

After all, what is the truth?

The man said that his girlfriend may not have cheated on him intentionally. In such a situation, if she comes to know that the father of that child is someone else, then it can create problems. However, at the same time the person also says that he also wants to find the real father of that child.

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