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Friday, September 8, 2023

Which country has banned selling tobacco to the youth? If caught, fine of around Rs 80 lakh

More than 11 percent of the world's total smokers are in India. Tobacco control legislation in India, the Cigarettes Act came into force in 1975, which mandates statutory health warnings on advertisements and cigarette packets.

If someone asks which country is the first country in the world to ban the sale of cigarettes, then perhaps you have to use your brain. On the other hand, one may ask which country has made a strict law to protect the new generation from tobacco, even then it may be difficult. While such information is also necessary for competitive exams and from the point of view of general knowledge also we should have such important information.

India's friend and neighboring country Bhutan had decided to impose a complete ban on the sale of cigarettes in the year 2010. There are laws against smoking, people are also aware. Anyone caught using tobacco in any form will be directly jailed.

In which country tobacco is banned for youth?

In the month of December 2022, New Zealand created history by making a law in which no tobacco product can be sold to any teenager born after January 1, 2009. If someone is caught selling, he will have to pay a fine of 1.5 lakh New Zealand dollars i.e. about 96 thousand US dollars. In such a situation, in Indian currency, the fine could be around Rs 80 lakh.

This law has come into force in the year 2023. The aim of the government is to reduce the amount of nicotine in all the tobacco products being sold. By the end of this year, the licenses of 90 percent of tobacco shops in New Zealand will be cancelled. There are six thousand shops in the country, which are to be reduced to six hundred by December this year.

New Zealand is counted among the least smoking countries in the world, but now according to the target that New Zealand has set for itself, this country will become smoking free by 2025. Because the number of smokers in the country is still very less. Britain has also set a target of becoming smoke free by the year 2030. Canada and Sweden are also determined to reduce it.

Three laws regarding smoking and tobacco in India

One- In India, the tobacco control law, Cigarette Act, came into force in 1975 which makes statutory health warnings mandatory on advertisements and cigarette packets.

Two- The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare started the National Tobacco Control Program in the year 2007-08.

Three- Electronic Cigarette Prohibition Bill came into force in 2019. Under this, there is a ban on production, export-import, transportation, sale, distribution, storage and advertising.

Let us know some important facts related to smoking.

With the first puff of a cigarette, nicotine dissolves in the blood along with the smoke and the pleasure-feeling chemical dopamine is rapidly released in the brain. And man gradually starts becoming its victim.

Smoke, tar, carbon monoxide cause sore throat. This is the reason why cigarette smokers complain of cough in the morning.

With the help of crores of holes present in the body, our lungs filter a large amount of air every day, but the tar present in the smoke closes all these holes.

After smoking the first cigarette, a person's heart beats three times more every minute. Normally it should beat 72 times in a minute. Excessive heartbeat means you will get tired quickly.

Smoking increases stomach acid. It has a bad effect on the good bacteria present in the intestines.

Negative effects start affecting ears and nose also.

Every year 80 lakh deaths are occurring in the world due to tobacco, out of which more than 10 lakh people are leaving the world who live only in the company of smokers.

More than 11 percent of the world's total smokers are in India.

More than 50 percent of the total deaths in the world are in China, India, America and Russia.

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