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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Two sisters, both pregnant, crossed all limits of brutality...this story of Kaushambi triple murder case will make you cry

An important revelation has been made in the triple murder case that took place in Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh. 
This case is directly related to Alania murder. Four days before the incident, the murderers had threatened to kill the deceased's family. The murderers wanted the deceased's family not to testify in the case registered against the accused, despite this, the woman came to her parents' home two days before the date of testimony along with her husband.

The accused also took this as a challenge and on Friday morning, in broad daylight, entered the house and beat the woman, her husband and father to death. The story of this incident is not only this, but it is a story that has been going on for two years, which will make anyone cry. According to the police, there was an old enmity between the family of the deceased and the family of the accused.

This rivalry was for 10 Vishwa land and there was a fight about this rivalry about two years ago. In this, the accused had kicked the elder sister of the deceased girl in the stomach. Since the elder sister was pregnant, her pregnancy was aborted as soon as she got injured in her stomach. On the complaint of the victim's family, the police registered a case against the accused under sections of the SC/ST Act and arrested them.

Threatened four days ago

However, later the accused were released on bail. According to the police, this case is currently on testimony and testimony in this case was to take place on Saturday itself. Since the deceased woman was the main witness, summons was issued to her from the court. On the other hand, the accused did not want to testify in the trial. Therefore, the accused had threatened the deceased's family four days ago that they would be killed if they came to testify.

Despite this, the woman reached her village with her husband two days before the date of the trial. The accused also took this as a challenge and carried out the Alania murder on Friday morning. According to police officers involved in the investigation of the case, deceased Horilal owned 10 Vishwas of land in Moinuddinpur Gaus village of Sandipan Ghat police station area. The village bullies wanted to buy this land at throwaway prices.

Two arrested, 6 absconding

For this, the accused first made an offer to Horilal, but when he rejected the offer, the accused tried to threaten him. Thus, this dispute between the two families was going on for about four-five years. Police said that till now two accused have been arrested in this case, while six named accused are still absconding. A search is being conducted for them.

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