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Sunday, September 10, 2023

This man has dated 100 girls from 50 states, but has not found true love yet

Matthew Wernig, a resident of America, says that he has dated 100 women from all 50 states of the country, i.e. two women from each state, but he has not yet found the princess of his dreams.

It is not everyone's destiny to find true love. There are many people who, despite searching extensively, are not able to find their desired life partner. Matthew Wernig, a resident of Montana, America, is also included among such people. He too is not able to find his 'Mrs. Right', although he has been searching for her for many years. The most interesting thing is that he has dated some woman living in all the 50 states of America, but he has failed to find his true love, his true life partner.

According to the report of New York Post, Matthew proudly says that he has dated 100 girls till now, that is, he has dated two girls from every state of America, but he still considers himself a bachelor. Matthew told that he started his online dating in the year 2020. There was a lockdown then and he was getting bored sitting at home, so he downloaded the dating app Tinder on his mobile. After using this app, they soon realized that this app allows them to determine their location anywhere in America. Then, he started searching for the princess of his dreams and traveled across the country in this effort.

Haven't found the princess of dreams yet

Mathew told that he dated girls from every state in the hope that he might find his 'Mrs. Right'. His investigative journey started in Michigan and ended in Alaska. Matthew says, 'I have driven everywhere except Alaska and Hawaii to find the girl of my dreams. I had to take flights only for these two states. Matthew also told many stories related to his dating. Many times he talked to the girls sitting face to face at the table, which seemed like a job interview.

These exciting adventures were done on a date

At the same time, to make his dates exciting, he also did zip lining, parasailing, helicopter ride, horse riding, paddleboarding, paintballing and air boating with the girls. Matthew says, 'I have expectations from some girls. I've managed to develop good relationships with some, but of course they live miles away from me in different states and it's not like we'll jump into a relationship after going on one date. For this there is a need to know each other well.

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