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Sunday, September 10, 2023

The bride put such a strange condition in front of the guests at the wedding, it looked like a funeral.

A bride put such a condition before the guests at her wedding, which was very strange. When the guests came to the wedding as per his condition, it looked more like a funeral than a wedding.

Wedding is a moment which is full of happiness not only for the bride and groom but also for their families. There are all kinds of rituals in weddings, be it Haldi or Mehndi ceremony. Although conditions are not set in a marriage, but many times it happens that the bride and groom themselves set such conditions that even the guests are stunned. The story of one such marriage is much discussed these days. A bride put such a strange condition before the guests at her wedding that the scene of her wedding became like a funeral.

You probably know that in India, red-yellow clothes are worn in weddings and white clothes are worn in mourning, but in foreign countries people wear white clothes in weddings and black clothes in mourning, but the name Jordan Bassey. The woman imposed a strange dress code in her wedding. According to the New York Post report, she had requested the guests to come to her wedding wearing only black clothes. In such a situation, even the guests were forced to come to the wedding wearing mourning attire.

The condition of the guests worsened in the sun.

The funny thing was that it was extremely hot at that time and the wedding was organized in an open place. In such a situation, the condition of the guests worsened. The guests were seen fanning themselves in the scorching sun. The video of this unique wedding is also going viral on social media, seeing which people are giving different types of reactions. One user has written, 'I liked that the guests agreed with the bride, but wearing a black dress outside in the heat is madness', while another user has written, 'I think this condition of the bride reflects her personality. It's about what she thinks about herself and others.

a marriage like this

By the way, such strange conditions have now become common in marriages these days. Last July too, a similar wedding came into discussion, in which the bride had set a condition for the guests to bring gifts. He said that the guests should bring a gift worth at least Rs 4,000 and if they cannot bring it then they should not come to the wedding. He had put this strange condition because he said that a lot of money was spent on food at the wedding.

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