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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

This is the most expensive fruit in the world, the price is so high that it will cost 30 tola gold.

Yubari King is not cultivated throughout the year. It is produced only between the months of October and March. At the same time, its cultivation is also done in a different way. Different types of fertilizers are also used in its fields. Due to this, Yubari King does not spoil for many days.

Everyone likes to eat melon. Potassium is found in large quantities in it. Consuming it keeps blood pressure under control. Besides this, many heart related diseases are also cured. This is the reason why there is always demand for it in the market. It is easily available in the market from April to May. Then its rate is 50 to 60 rupees per kg. But today we will talk about a variety of melon, which is counted among the most expensive fruits in the world. Its price is not in thousands but in lakhs. You can buy many luxury cars at this price.

Actually, the name of the melon we are talking about is Yubari King. It is said that this is the most expensive fruit in the world. This is a type of Japanese melon. It is cultivated only in Japan. Yubari melon is cultivated only in Yubari city located on Hokkaido island of Japan. Due to this it was named Yubari Melon. Experts say that the temperature of Yubari city is suitable for this fruit.

This fruit was sold for Rs 18 lakh

There is a lot of difference between day and night temperatures in Yubari city, which acts as 'nectar' for Yubari melon. It is said that the greater the difference in temperature between day and night, the sweeter and tastier the melon will be. The biggest feature of Yubari King is that it is not sold. It is auctioned. In the year 2022, a Yubari King was auctioned for Rs 20 lakh. Whereas, in the year 2021, this fruit was sold for Rs 18 lakh. This means that in India one can buy 30 tola gold at the price of one rupee.

only rich people eat it

Yubari King is an anti-infection fruit. In such a situation, consuming it increases the body's immunity. Apart from potassium, vitamin C, phosphorus, vitamin A and calcium are also found in it. This is the reason why its demand is very high in the market. But only the rich people of the world eat it.

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