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Thursday, September 7, 2023

These things kept in the fridge will make you a cancer patient! Stay away from this habit today itself

Due to busy schedules, people often keep food in the fridge and later heat it and eat it, but do you know how much harm it can cause to your health if you heat the food kept in the fridge and eat it?

The taste of freshly cooked hot food is different. Freshly prepared food is also considered good for health, but due to today's changing lifestyle and busy schedule, the eating habits have also changed. Often people either eat canned foods in a hurry or sometimes store food in the refrigerator and heat it later and eat it, but this food can prove to be very harmful for health. Repeatedly heating the food kept in the fridge not only destroys its nutrition, but it can also cause many health problems. This may even increase the risk of diseases like cancer.

Balance routine and good food are very important to stay healthy. However, many times we do not pay attention to small things which later become the cause of major diseases. Storing food in the fridge and eating it after heating it is one of the bad habits related to health. So let's know which foods after keeping in the fridge and eating them after heating can increase the risk of cancer and other diseases.

Non veg

If you store non-veg food in the fridge and eat it after heating, then you may face many health problems apart from food poisoning, due to which the situation can also become very serious.


One of everyone's favorite foods, most people keep rice in the fridge at night and eat it after heating it in the morning. Even nowadays many recipes made from stale rice are also available online. According to the report, if rice is eaten after reheating it can cause food poisoning.


Eggs are eaten in many ways, from omelettes to boiling and making vegetables, and they are also rich in nutrients. It is better to eat the egg immediately after making it. It should not be consumed after heating it after keeping it in the fridge, otherwise it can cause many health problems.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables rich in nutrients are no less than a boon for health. Nitrates are found in green vegetables and when they are heated repeatedly, they release carcinogenic properties, which are believed to increase the risk of cancer.

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