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Saturday, September 9, 2023

People of all ages will be able to do AI course for free, startup of this state started the program

In the coming times, Artificial Intelligence will be a part of every organization. Keeping this in mind, has come up with a freemium service model Artificial Intelligence course. In this, people of all ages can learn AI tools.

An emerging start-up known as Hello AI has taken an impressive step towards revolutionizing the education sector. The company registered under Kerala Startup Mission (KSMU) has introduced an advanced AI-based platform. The special thing about this program is that it is for all ages.

This program known as will help in learning AI tools. The platform has been designed with the aim of empowering individuals of all ages with essential AI and data literacy skills. It is clear that the emerging AI revolution will be an integral part of future learning experiences.

KSUM Startup started

This AI learning platform ensures efficiency in self-learning by offering personalized tuition using AI, adaptive learning methods and providing context-aware content. Kerala Startup Mission KSUM said such educational technology “will empower children for an AI-driven future while promoting personal AI literacy and critical thinking.

Do the course for free offers free courses up to Level 1 courses through a freemium service model. This approach provides a premium option for those who want to enhance their learning journey. The platform also provides a personalized learning experience tailored to the needs of each student, promoting effective knowledge acquisition and skill development.

Hello AI is not just making waves in Kerala/ The start-up has received a productization grant from KSUM, a seed grant from Startup India, and both STEM and KidSafe certification. Hello AI is one of the finalists among more than 800 global start-ups set to participate in the Learning Tools Engineering Global Competition in the USA this September.

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