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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Mysterious Temple Of Shri Krishna, Here The Idol Of God Becomes Thin, Doors Are Closed Only For 2 Minutes

Krishna Janmashtami: In Hindu religion, the festival of Janmashtami is celebrated with great pomp and it is one of the major festivals. This festival dedicated to the birth of Lord Shri Krishna has been organized on a grand scale since ancient times. This year, Krishna Janmotsav is going to be celebrated across the country for two days on 6th and 7th September. On festival occasions, crowds of devotees often gather to visit the temple. There are some places in the country including Mathura-Vrindavan, where crowds of devotees are especially seen.

Today we tell you about a unique Krishna temple which is present in South India. The mysterious story of this temple can surprise anyone. You will be surprised to know but it is said that the idol of Lord Shri Krishna installed in this temple is gradually getting thinner. Let us give you all the information about this temple today.

turuvarappu sri krishna temple in kerala

This beautiful temple of Lord Shri Krishna is situated in Kottayam, Kerala. This place is the center of faith of crores of devotees and not only the local people but tourists coming from different places across the country and the world reach here for darshan.

History and legend of the temple

According to the local people, this temple is 1500 years old and since then it is considered miraculous and mysterious. Some people even say that this temple was not built by humans but by God himself. An interesting mythological story is also associated with this temple. According to which Pandavas used to worship the idol of Shri Krishna here during their exile. He used to light a lamp here in the morning and evening and offer food to Kanhaiya. When he left from here, he left the idol here and after that the local people started worshiping it and within no time this temple became famous.

slim figure

One surprising thing related to this temple is that the idol of Lord Shri Krishna present here is getting lean. According to beliefs, God keeps feeling hungry and if he does not get food on time, then his hunger increases and the idol starts getting lean. Aarti of God is performed twice in the morning and evening in the temple and bhog is offered about 10 times a day. Some people also say that Shri Krishna's hunger is increasing due to repeated offerings.

The temple closes only for 2 minutes.

Another strange belief is associated with this temple. It is switched off only for 2 minutes in 24 hours. According to the information, if it takes more than 2 minutes to open the lock here, then it is broken so that there is no delay in offering food to Shri Krishna. This temple is very famous among the devotees and they come here with their wishes.

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