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Monday, September 11, 2023

Krishna Chatti 2023: When is Lord Krishna's Chhathi, know the complete method of worship and auspicious time

In Sanatan tradition, Lord Krishna's Chhathi is celebrated on the sixth day of the great festival of his birth anniversary. This holy festival related to Kanha is going to fall on Tuesday, 12 September 2023, so read this article to know the method, auspicious time and religious significance of worshiping Kanhaiya on this day.

In Hindu religion, the worship of Shri Krishna, who is considered to be the full incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is considered very auspicious and fulfills all the wishes. This is the reason that every year on the Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month, the birth anniversary of Murali Manohar Krishna is celebrated with great pomp in the country and the world. Devotees of Kanha also perform his sixth puja like a common child, exactly 6 days after his birth anniversary, which will be celebrated this year on Tuesday, 12 September 2023. What is the importance of Kanha's sixth puja in Sanatan tradition and at what auspicious time would it be appropriate to do it tomorrow, let us know it in detail.

Auspicious time of Kanha's sixth puja

According to the Panchang, this year the festival of Chhathi of Lord Shri Krishna will be celebrated on 12 September 2023 and on this day you can worship him anytime in Sarvartha Siddha Yoga from 06:04 am to 11:01 pm.

Importance of Kanha's sixth puja

In the Sanatan tradition, just as a small child's Chhathi is celebrated on the sixth day of his birth, in the same way, exactly six days before the great festival of Janmashtami, the devotees of Lord Shri Krishna celebrate his Chhathi with great joy and enthusiasm. According to Hindu belief, the person who performs the sixth puja of Lord Krishna as per the rituals and offers him the food of his choice, gets the blessings of Kanha throughout the year and he gets virtuous results. It is believed that by the grace of Kanha, a devotee of Krishna remains safe from all kinds of calamities and troubles throughout the year.

How to do Kanha's sixth puja

People associated with Hindu religion worship their Laddu Gopal for six days of Janmashtami, just like the Chhathi of a newborn baby is celebrated in their house. On this day, worshiping the child form of Lord Krishna as per the rituals, offering food, chanting and singing auspicious songs is considered to be of great importance.

In such a situation, on this day, wake up early in the morning before sunrise and after taking bath and meditation, place your Laddu Gopal on a stool and bathe him first with Panchamrit and then with pure water. After this, adorn Kanha by dressing him in new clothes and worship him by offering fruits, flowers, incense, lamps, food and his favorite things. During the worship of Kanha, chant his mantra or sing auspicious songs for him. At the end of the puja, perform Aarti of Kanha and distribute Prasad to everyone and also take it yourself.

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