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Monday, September 11, 2023

From spices to historical buildings, how much do you know about Marrakesh, Morocco, which was hit by the disaster?

The epicenter of the earthquake in Morocco was the Atlas Mountains, but its intensity was so strong that the city of Marrakesh, located 72 km away from here, was badly hit by it. More than two thousand people are likely to have died in this devastation. The conditions here are very bad, buildings have been damaged and people are forced to spend nights on the roadside.

The terrible earthquake that occurred last Friday night has caused devastation in the North African country Morocco. Marrakesh, a city with a population of 8.50 lakhs, is also affected by the earthquake, whose history is almost a thousand years old. There are many historical buildings here and this country is also known for spices like cumin, black pepper, ginger, turmeric, saffron, cinnamon, red chilli and white pepper.

The epicenter of the earthquake was in the High Atlas mountain range, 72 kilometers away from Marrakesh, but its intensity was 6.8, as a result, along with other parts of the country, the historical city of Marrakesh was badly hit. A lot has been damaged here. The pictures coming from there are scary. People are spending nights on the roadside. The local government and many countries of the world have come forward to help but it may take time for them to reach the needy because relief and rescue work is still going on. The process of removing dead bodies and injured from the debris is still going on. Marrakesh was once the capital of Morocco.

One of the four royal cities of the country

It is one of the four royal cities of the country. It was established in the year 1070 by the ruler Amir Abu Bakr Ibn Omar as his capital. Over time, due to the red walls and buildings made of red sandstone, this city also came to be known as Red City or Gerua City. Within a few years, Marrakesh became known as a cultural, religious and business centre. Here is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Medina and Africa's busiest intersection, Jemaa-al-Fnaa. Qutubiya Mosque, built in the 12th century, was also damaged in the earthquake. It is one of the busiest cities not only in Morocco but in the entire African continent. The whole of Morocco and its city Marrakesh are centers of tourist attraction.

Historic Buildings, Gardens and Markets

The historical buildings, gardens, markets here attract the local people as well as the tourists. As a result, hotels and real estate have seen a boom here in recent years. Since this country remained under the control of France for a long time, many famous French people still reside here. The number of traditional markets here, which are called Souk in the local language, is 18. No tourist can return without visiting these markets. These markets are important means of employment for the local people. International airport, many universities, football clubs etc. are also the identity of Marrakesh. Its state-of-the-art identity is hosting the Street Circuit World Touring Car Championship, the FIA ​​Formula Championship.

More than 20 lakh tourists come every year

Until the beginning of the 20th century, all of Morocco was known as the Kingdom of Marrakesh. This city saw amazing progress during the Saadian dynasty. The current king has taken many measures to attract tourists in recent years. As a result, now more than 2 million tourists are coming to Marrakesh city every year. The walls of Marrakesh and the historical gates built here attract people. The pavilion and reservoir of Menara Garden, Majorelle Garden also attract tourists. The architecture of El Badi Palace, Bahia Palace, Royal Palace, Koutoubia Mosque, Ben Youssef Mosque, Kasbah Mosque, Ben Salah Mosque attracts people.

Earthen pots are used

There are more than four hundred hotels in Marrakesh city. The most famous hotel of the city is the five-star Mamounia Hotel Art Deco, built in the year 1925. Apart from Marrakesh Museum, Dar Si Said Museum and Berber Museum, many other museums are present here, which give information about the ancient culture and historical facts of the city. The handicrafts, music, theater and dance here also leave their own mark. Lemons, oranges and olive trees are in abundance here. The food here is known for its special spices. The cooking art here is considered special because earthen utensils are used. That's why the taste is completely different.

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