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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Heart disease: If you drink this much alcohol daily, you will be protected from heart disease, cholesterol will also not increase.

Alcohol and Heart attack: Consumption of alcohol is considered harmful for health, although the number of people drinking alcohol in India is increasing every year. Drinking alcohol also affects your heart health. Dr. Rahul has given detailed information about this.

People who drink alcohol occasionally believe that it benefits their health. Many people just need an excuse to drink alcohol and consume it almost every day. Some people drink more and some drink less, but do you know that drinking alcohol in limit can improve your heart health, although it does not mean that you should start drinking alcohol from today itself. This information is only for those people who drink alcohol daily. Doctors say that if daily drinkers consume alcohol within a certain limit, then their risk of heart diseases is reduced. Besides, the level of bad cholesterol also remains under control. However, it is not necessary that this happens with every person.

How much alcohol is beneficial for health?

Dr. Vishal Rastogi, in the Department of Interventional Cardiology at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, says that consuming one drink per day for women and two drinks for men is very beneficial. If alcohol is consumed in this quantity then it is very beneficial for heart health. This increases the level of good cholesterol in the body and also reduces the risk of heart diseases. However, this does not mean that people who do not consume alcohol should start it. Also, it is not that one has to drink so much alcohol every day. In case of alcohol, every person's physical reaction and its effect on the body depends on many factors.

Food and other factors

A person's diet, exercise and smoking habits are also big factors in the risks and benefits associated with alcohol. That is, if a person who exercises daily, has a good lifestyle and good eating habits, does not smoke, then consuming alcohol in limited quantities does not have as serious an impact on his body as it does on a normal person.

There are disadvantages of drinking too much

Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can be very dangerous. Due to this BP increases and heart beat also becomes irregular. There is also a risk of stroke. Alcohol damages the liver and there is a risk of digestive diseases and even liver cirrhosis.

Do these things for good heart health

According to the American Heart Association, to keep the heart fit, it is advised to take good diet, exercise and not consume tobacco. People who already have heart diseases should avoid consuming alcohol in any way. It is also important to consult your doctor in this matter. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol every day also increases the risk of cancer and also worsens mental health.

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