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Friday, September 8, 2023

Guru Vakri: After 12 Years, Guru Is Retrograde In Aries, These 5 Zodiac Signs Have To Be Careful

Guru Vakri 2023: 
 According to astrology, the movement of planets has a big impact on the lives of the zodiac signs. In this series, Guru i.e. Jupiter is going to be retrograde in Aries after 12 years, which will have different effects on all the zodiac signs. Due to the change in the movement of the planets, its effect can be seen on the people of every zodiac sign. Let us tell you that Jupiter retrograde is considered auspicious for some zodiac signs, while the natives of some zodiac signs need to be careful during this period. From health to continuous failure possibilities are being created. So let us know which zodiac signs are going to have a bad effect…


Aries sign people need to pay attention to their health. Let us tell you that when Jupiter is retrograde in its first house and its sight is falling on the fifth, seventh and ninth houses, then there are possibilities of disputes. Also, exercise regularly, have a proper diet and get regular checkups done. Your ability to think can be affected by the vision of the Guru. So consider the decisions and decide carefully. Avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Cancer zodiac sign

Jupiter is going to have a bad effect on the people of Cancer zodiac sign. Jupiter is retrograde in the twelfth house, due to which you may face challenges in family relationships. Especially women need to pay attention to health. Get regular checkups done. Focus on financial management. There can be some upheavals in professional life and patience and communication is needed to stay steady on the career path. During this time your confidence can be affected, so there is going to be a deep impact on the mental state.


The people of Libra zodiac are going to get failure due to retrograde of Jupiter. Let us tell you that Jupiter is retrograde in the ninth house, so it is a sign of facing challenges on various aspects. Try to avoid unnecessary expenses. There can be differences with the partner and challenges in the relationship. There can be slight ups and downs in career and you may need to work hard to achieve your goals.


The people of Sagittarius can face various problems due to the retrograde effect of Jupiter. You are likely to face some challenges in family relations. If you are thinking of doing any business then this time is not right.


Jupiter retrograde is going to have a dangerous effect on the people of Aquarius zodiac sign. There may be a problem of discord with the partner. There may be ups and downs in career. Disputes may arise with friends and family. Students studying need to work harder. There may be a land dispute with neighbors.

(Disclaimer: The information provided here is only based on beliefs and information. does not confirm any kind of belief, information. Before implementing any information or belief, consult the concerned expert.)

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