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Friday, September 8, 2023

Secrets Of Dreams: What Is The Meaning Of Seeing Ex-Boyfriend Or Ex-Girlfriend In Dreams, Know From Dream Expert

Dream expert told the secrets of dreams : We all see dreams. There is a deep friendship between sleep and dreams. As soon as we go to sleep, we get lost in the world of dreams. Although most of the dreams we forget as soon as we wake up, there are some which remain in our mind. But what is the secret of these dreams after all. As soon as we fall asleep, how do we go on a tour of a new world. Many studies have been done on this matter all over the world. According to Hindu beliefs, every dream has a meaning and also gives some indications. This point has also been reiterated by Dream decoder Theresa Cheung .

what is the secret of dreams

In our 'Swapna Shastra', the science, psychology, meaning of dreams and the possibilities related to them are considered. The world of dreams is so interesting that many researches have been done on it in medical science and psychology and are still being done. According to Hindu beliefs, there is some reason and meaning behind every dream. According to this, some dreams give auspicious signs and some also warn us about the bad times to come. It is surprising that if we see someone's death in a dream, it is generally considered a good sign. It is said that the age of that person increased. At the same time, if you see yourself laughing then it is considered a sign of some upcoming trouble. In this way, every dream carries a deep mystery.

Dream Expert and Dream Decoder Theresa Cheung Reveals Many Secrets

Theresa Cheung has been researching these mysteries for about 26 years. Born in China, Theresa's family was spiritualist and she too had an inclination towards it since childhood. He holds degrees in Theology and English from Cambridge. Along with this, she has been studying dreams for about two and a half decades. He is considered a dream expert and dream decoder. His book "The Dream Dictionary from A to Z" ( The Dream Dictionary from A to Z ) is counted among the world's bestsellers. Along with this his columns have also become very popular.

He says that all of us must have felt at one time or the other that what we see in a dream has a deep connection with our past or future life.We had intuitive guesses that have proven correct. Most of us have had psychic experiences. He has decoded many types of dreams. One of the most important dreams is to see your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Theresa Cheung says that if you see your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend in your dreams, it means that you still haven't forgotten them and still love them. It is also possible that maybe they haven't forgotten you, that's why they are appearing in dreams. There is also an indication that if you are seeing your ex in your dream then it is a warning not to repeat the mistake made in the past. In this way, Theresa has told a deep connection between dreams and love life. If you want to know more about this then you can read his book, in which he has decoded many such dreams.

Disclaimer : This article is based on the views and general knowledge of Dream Decoder Theresa Cheung. We do not endorse it.)

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