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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

First meeting in the new Parliament House today, technology experts will say - 'I had seen this in films'

The first meeting in the new Parliament House will be held from today. See the complete details of what is the timing of the meeting of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and what use of technology will you see in it. You will see such an excellent form of technology in the new building that after knowing you will say That's something I've only seen in movies.

Today the first proceedings of Lok Sabha-Rajya Sabha will begin in the new building of Parliament. Its first proceeding will be that of the Legislative Assembly which will start at 1:15 pm. The second proceedings of Rajya Sabha in Parliament will start at 2.15 pm. The new Parliament House is all set for its first meeting. This building has a total seating capacity of 1280 members and it has been fully equipped with high technology. That is, you will see the use of technology everywhere in this building, which will make your heart happy.

Hi-tech offices built for officers and employees

As everyone has seen movies till date that technology has been used so much in a building that the entire work becomes easy. Similarly, you will get to see the best form of technology in the new Parliament.

Many strong security arrangements have been made in this four-storey building, it has 6 entrance gates in which three are Ashva, Gaj and Garuda gates. These three gates will be used only by the Speaker, Vice President and Prime Minister.

The remaining three gates – Makar Gate, Shardul Gate and Hans Gate will be used for MPs and the general public. In this, you will get to see modern technology in every office in the building. In which high-tech devices for convenience have been installed in cafes, dining areas and different rooms/offices of committee meetings.

Technology in new building

Facility of biometric voting will be available: Through biometric voting, MPs will be able to vote easily by just scanning their fingerprints.

Programmable Microphone: MPs will be able to control their volume and direction of the microphone. They will also be able to check that they can clearly hear the voice of every person sitting in the meeting.

Digital Language Interpretation: With the help of technology, MPs will be able to listen to the speech in their own language.

Digital Voting and Attendance: This technology has been used for tasks like voting and attendance. MPs will use electronic devices or touchscreens for casting their votes or for their attendance.

Advanced Security System: The government has also included advanced security systems for the security of Parliament, it includes biometric authentication system for access control and face recognition technology to identify any person going in or out.

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