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Friday, September 15, 2023

Explainer: What is a digital passport, how will you get the benefit, know all the answers

The special thing is that Finland has just started this digital passport service for its citizens. Currently, passengers with digital passports are traveling by air from Manchester, Edinburgh and London on Finnair flights. By 2024, the number of people traveling through digital passport will increase further.

Now the era has become digital. From railway tickets to lab test reports have become digital. Now you can easily carry these in your smartphone. This is saving paper. But now passports have also started becoming digital. This means that you do not need to carry a hard copy of your passport with you. Just like an e-ticket, you can travel from one country to another by having a digital passport in your smartphone. The special thing is that Finland has started digital passport in its country on a trial basis.

It is being said that Finland has started digitalization to speed up the process of making passports. With this test, Finland has become the first country in the world to launch a digital passport. The special thing is that Finland has signed an agreement with Finnair, Finnish Police and airport operator Finavia to promote digital passport. It has started testing in partnership with them.

This trend will continue till February 2024

At the same time, the Finnish Border Guard is conducting this test. He is testing this at the border control of Helsinki Airport. This process of digital passport testing will continue till February 2024. The EU wants at least 80% of citizens in the 27-nation bloc to start using digital passports by 2030.

What is digital passport?

Digital Travel Credential is a digital edition of the physical passport, which can be easily downloaded and carried on a smartphone. It follows the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which is working at the global level for digital traveling documents. For the first time in the world, digital passport is being tested in Finland. Currently digital passports are being provided only to Finnish citizens traveling between Finland and the UK on Finnair flights.

Benefits of digital passport?

With the introduction of digital passport, passengers will get a lot of benefits. They will not have to visit passport offices to get a hard copy of the passport. Also, having a digital passport will reduce the crowd at the border control point. Also, with its arrival, no passenger can commit fraud with his identity or documents. According to experts, people's travel will become easier than before with digital passport. At the same time, time wasted in checking at the airport will also be saved.

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