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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Diabetes: By urinating you will know whether you have diabetes or not, these are the 4 symptoms

Diabetes: There are more than 10 crore diabetes patients in India. This disease is now spreading in rural areas also. Children are also becoming victims of type-2 diabetes. Bad eating habits are the reason for the increase in this disease. You can find out from some symptoms of urine whether you have diabetes or not.

Diabetes is spreading like an epidemic in the country. This disease is now making children victims too. Due to poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, the incidence of diabetes is increasing every year. Due to diabetes many parts of the body are affected. This single disease causes many other diseases. When insulin stops being produced in the body or is not produced as per the requirement, the sugar level is affected. Due to which diabetes occurs. There is no cure for this disease. Only this can be controlled. The matter of concern is that most people are not aware of the symptoms of diabetes. In such a situation, this disease keeps growing in the body and gradually becomes serious.

In such a situation, it is important to know its symptoms. You can also find out whether you have diabetes or not by some symptoms of your urine.

Dr. Ankit Kumar at GTB Hospital, Delhi says that if the sugar level in the body remains high for a long time, it can cause diabetes. You can also detect some symptoms of diabetes through your urine. These four symptoms can be seen in urine in case of diabetes.

frequent urination

If you are not drinking much water. Still, if you are urinating frequently then it is a symptom of diabetes. Some people have the habit of urinating several times at night. This could be a sign of diabetes. This should not be ignored.

bad smell from urine

If your urine smells bad while urinating and this is happening every day, then understand that this is a sign of increased blood sugar level in the body. In such a situation, you should get yourself checked immediately. First of all, for this you should get your sugar level tested.

change in urine color

If you have diabetes then it directly affects the kidneys. Because of this, the amount of protein in your body increases, due to which the color of urine starts changing. If the color of urine is light brown and this problem persists for a week, then it can be a sign of diabetes.

excessive foaming

If there is more foam while urinating, then it is a sign that the amount of protein in the body is increasing, which can be an indication of the effect of diabetes on the kidney, although foaming in every case is not a sign of diabetes, but then Should also be checked once.

save like this

take care of diet

exercise daily

do not take mental stress

Keep checking your sugar level

don't sleep late at night

keep your weight under control

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