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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Dengue: If these symptoms are seen in children then understand that it is dengue, take protection like this

Dengue causes: At present, dengue cases are increasing rapidly in many states of the country. Some patients have also died due to this disease. Dengue cases are also increasing among children. This disease can take a dangerous form in them. In such a situation, prevention from dengue is necessary.

Dengue fever cases are increasing rapidly across the country. Continuous rains have further increased the scope of this disease. The number of patients in hospitals is also increasing due to dengue. In some cases the patient is even dying. Dengue cases are also increasing among children. Doctors say that cases of different strains of dengue are being seen in children. Cases of D-2 strain are also being reported in some children. In such a situation, timely identification of the symptoms of this disease in children is important. The symptoms of dengue in children are somewhat different from those of adults.

Dengue infection is caused by the bite of Aedes mosquitoes. Cases of D-2 strain of dengue also occur. D-2 is the most dangerous strain of dengue. Due to this, the level of platelets in the body starts falling. Due to this, in some cases the patient even dies. Symptoms of dengue in children can be serious. Let us tell you what are the symptoms of dengue in children.

high fever

In case of dengue in children, there is very high fever. The fever exceeds 100 degrees and during this time there may be severe pain in the stomach.

bleeding nose

If a child's nose is bleeding along with fever, then it is a dangerous symptom of dengue. In this situation the child should be taken to the hospital immediately.

vomiting and diarrhea

Vomiting and diarrhea occurring in this season can also be a symptom of dengue. If this problem is occurring along with fever, then immediately take the child to the doctor.

Do not be careless in fever

Dr. Yudhveer Singh in the Critical Care Department at Delhi AIIMS tells that one should not be careless in case of fever occurring in this season. This fever could be dengue, malaria or typhoid. In such a situation, if the child has fever and it has been more than two days, then get him tested for dengue or malaria immediately. Do not try to treat yourself in this case. If dengue is confirmed in the test, go to the hospital immediately.

protect yourself like this

Dress children in full sleeve clothes

Do not allow water to accumulate in the house

use mosquito net at night

Get tested in case of fever.

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