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Monday, September 18, 2023

Best out of junk! Turn old phone into CCTV camera, this way you will save thousands of rupees

Mobile into CCTV Camera app: If you are looking for a cheap device for the security of your home, which can keep a close watch on your home from behind, then this information is for you. With this Jugaad you will be able to get every moment information about your house. Follow this method to convert your junk phone into a CCTV camera.

In today's era of inflation, it is difficult to meet normal expenses, in such a situation how can one spend extra. But if you want to keep the house safe, then you will have to keep a CCTV camera or security guard in it, otherwise there will always be tension in the house. To end your tension, let us bring you a cheap solution which will save you thousands of rupees. After this jugaad, your house will be completely safe and you will be able to keep an eye on the house from behind.

Today we will tell you how you can use the useless phone lying at your home as a CCTV camera. That means your junk phone will become a useful thing which will solve all your problems.

Turn your old phone into a CCTV camera

Install IP Webcam app from Google Play Store in the old phone.

When you open the app, click on the Start Over option at the bottom of the screen.

Now allow the permissions the app is asking for.

After this your phone's camera will open.

Here an IP address will be visible at the bottom of the screen, write that IP address down somewhere.

Now fill the IP address in the link address bar of your phone's browser and enter.

After this the IP Webcam website will open.

Now here you will be shown two options, which include video rendering and audio player. If you want to watch the recorded video then select video rendering. After this click on browser.

Apart from this, if you want to listen to audio along with video, you can click on the flash option given with the audio player. After this you will also get a chance to listen to the audio along with the video.

Note that the camera of your phone should be in good condition and the basic functions of the phone should be working. If the camera of the phone is not good then this jugaad will not work.

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