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Thursday, September 14, 2023

After China, this country gave a blow to Apple, banned iPhone

Apple is facing setbacks one after the other, first the use of the new iPhone was banned in government agencies in China and now the iPhone 12 has been banned in France. After all, what caused the iPhone 12 ban? Know here what is the whole matter.

Every phone gets SAR Value, this value shows how much radiation the phone emits. While there is a craze among Apple lovers regarding the launch of iPhone 15 Series, bad news is coming out one after the other for Apple. Earlier, China had banned the use of this phone in government agencies calling iPhone 15 a security threat, whereas now iPhone 12 has been banned in France.

Now you too must be wondering why France has banned iPhone 12? The reason behind the ban on iPhone 12 is said to be that the radiation emitted from this phone is more than the limit set by the government. Emitting more radiation than the limit means that the phone can prove harmful for your health.

France's National Frequency Agency (ANFR) says that instructions have been given to immediately switch off the iPhone 12, this is because this phone emits more electromagnetic radiation.

How did this thing come to light?

The agency has tested a total of 141 phones to check the SAR value, in which the iPhone 12 was also included. A surprising thing has come to light during testing, it has been found that when iPhone 12 is kept in the pocket, this phone is emitting 5.74 watts per kilogram of radiation. Now you would also like to know what should be the SAR Value? Let us tell you that in European countries it is mandatory to have SAR value within 40 watts per kilogram.

ANFR said in a statement that Apple will have to find a solution to this matter soon, otherwise the company may have to recall the units sold in European countries.

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