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Saturday, September 9, 2023

93 people live together in this woman's body, she is not haunted by ghosts, this is the real reason

Amber Lodge, a resident of New Zealand, is a woman whose body contains people with 93 different personalities. Yes. This is absolutely true. Although Amber is not possessed by any demon, rather she is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Can multiple humans live in the same human body? This is a very serious and thought-provoking question. If you think this cannot happen, then you are wrong. Of course, many women or men can live in the body of one man or woman. You must have seen the South film Aparifat. It is shown that Ambi's personality gets divided into many humans. Sometimes he becomes a fashion model from a simple person and sometimes he becomes a murderous person. Actually Ambi suffers from dissociative identity disorder. Now one such woman is in the news, in whose body not one or two but 93 people live simultaneously.

The name of this woman is Amber Lodge , who is a resident of New Zealand. Amber, 31, also suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID), formerly known as multiple personality disorder. This is a condition in which many changes take place inside a person, that is, it seems that many people live in the same body and the surprising thing is that each of them has their own age, gender and life. Experiences happen.

Every personality has its own choice

According to the report of the New York Post, the other personalities that reside in Amber's body range from small children to adults. Some of them like painting and some like eating outside. At the same time, some personalities are completely open-minded, while some are shy and hesitant in nature. Amber came to know about her strange condition five years ago. She says that before we were diagnosed with DID, this condition was difficult and confusing for the people we dated, because they did not understand how we change so much and that they had to be different each time. Why does the person meet?

married a girl

According to reports, Amber is married. He is married to a girl named Andrea. Amber says that she met Andrea online. Then how their meeting turned into love and then into marriage, even they did not know. Amber says that Andrea already knew about DID, she understood it, so she had no problem living with me.

It's not easy to live with different personalities

Amber tells about her different personality changes that her personality changes five to eight times a day and sometimes these changes are unexpected. She says that sometimes it happens that one night Andrea sleeps with one of my personalities and the next day she wakes up with a completely different personality. It is not easy for Andrea to live with Amber's different personalities, but she adapts to everyone.

Relationship ranges from friendship to romance

Amber explains that the adult personality that inhabits her body is in a romantic relationship with Andrea, while the personality that appears less frequently maintains a friendship with her, making the situation a little less complicated. Since Amber also has children with different personalities, Andrea was initially worried about how to interact with them, but later this problem went away. She treats them like playing with children. In this way, Andrea handles almost all of Amber's personalities well.

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