"This was Modi's last speech from Red Fort, next PM will be from INDIA alliance," Priyanka Chaturvedi said - Newztezz Online


Sunday, August 20, 2023

"This was Modi's last speech from Red Fort, next PM will be from INDIA alliance," Priyanka Chaturvedi said

Shiv Sena (UBT) MP Priyanka Chaturvedi has made a big attack on Prime Minister Modi. 
Priyanka Chaturvedi said, “There is an atmosphere of fear in the hearts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Inflation, unemployment, farmers' misery and atrocities on women have increased. This was his last speech from the Red Fort. The next prime minister will be from the INDIA coalition and will take the country forward."

"Rioting is BJP's tried and tested toolkit"

Priyanka Chaturvedi stressed her point that the only agenda of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is to spread enmity and the result was seen in the Karnataka assembly elections, when the BJP was defeated. He accused the BJP of trying to incite communal unrest in areas where elections are due. “Running riots is a tried and tested toolkit of the BJP. They have tried to do this in Maharashtra. The same is going on in Haryana and Manipur. They are trying to instigate people to create riots in the areas where elections are going to be held. This method failed in Karnataka. This is because people have judged them. They have understood that the BJP has no election agenda other than spreading hatred."

"Priyanka Gandhi will win if she contests from Varanasi"
Priyanka Chaturvedi further said that if Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi contests from Varanasi seat against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, she will definitely win. He said, "The Bharat alliance is on the frontfoot. The alliance will discuss who is best suited for the seat. If Priyanka Gandhi contests the Lok Sabha elections from Varanasi, she will win." Chaturvedi said that the public is aware of the present scenario of the country and added that this would be PM Modi's last speech from the Red Fort as the next Prime Minister in the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections would be elected from the Bharat alliance.

Leaders of 26 political parties have formed the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance, popularly known as INDIA, to take on the BJP and oust PM Modi in next year's Lok Sabha elections. The meeting is scheduled to be held in Mumbai on 31 August and 1 September. In the meeting to be held in Mumbai, a strategy will be chalked out for its next course of action against the BJP-led central government. The first such meeting was held on June 23 in Bihar's Patna which was called by state Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, while the second meeting took place on July 17-18 in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

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