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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

This is called luck! Itching in hand and woman became a millionaire

A superstitious woman says that a week ago her hand itched, which made her believe that her luck is going to reverse in the coming days. Today he is a millionaire. Know what is the matter?

You must have often heard people saying that if there is itching in the hands, then understand that money is about to come. Now we do not know how much truth is there in these claims. But the superstition of a woman definitely made her a millionaire overnight. This woman from Los Angeles has recently won a jackpot of one million dollars (more than Rs 8.3 crore). Now she is not getting bloated with happiness.

Lottery winner Elena Peñaloja says that her 'itching palms' had already indicated to her that she was going to get huge profits in the coming day. Now call it superstition or luck of a woman, see today she has become a millionaire in one stroke.

Elena from West Covina said her palms itched a week before she won the jackpot. But instead of going to the pharmacist, she went straight to the lottery store and quickly bought a ticket.

According to the California Lottery, the woman bought a scratcher ticket for Diamond 8 at a 7-Eleven store on North Azusa Avenue in West Covina. After this, when the card was scratched, the store told that she had won one million dollars. At first, Elena could not believe hearing this. After this, she jumped with joy saying that itching of the palm made her a millionaire.

The woman's daughter Ariana told that when she was still not convinced, both of them went back to the store the next day to get their tickets scanned and confirm the win. Where the clerk told him that he is really a jackpot winner. Ariana said, we mother-daughter could not understand how to celebrate this happiness.

Elena says that whether you believe it or not, if you have itching on your right palm, it means that you are going to get unexpected money very soon. It can also be in the form of salary increment or new employment opportunity.

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