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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Live Streaming Of Chandrayaan 3 Broke All Records, Became The Most Watched Event In The World

Chandrayaan 3: Chandrayaan 3 has created history by successfully landing on the moon. When Vikram Lander stepped on the surface of the moon, that moment was a proud moment for every Indian. Not only India but people all over the world were eyeing this mission. Its effect was also seen because when live streaming was being done by ISRO. All records were broken at that time and the viewership reached the highest number of viewers for any live mission till date.

Live streaming record broken

The way India has made a record of becoming the first country to do so by stepping on the south pole of the moon. On the other hand, those who watched this landing live have also broken the YouTube record. 8.06 million people were watching the live landing of Chandrayaan 3 simultaneously and this is the biggest record in terms of watching any love event so far.

Till now the record was named after the football match

Talking about the most viewed live streaming on YouTube so far, this record was of the football match between Brazil and South Korea. The number of people watching this match was 6.15 million, but ISRO's live destroyed this record. The match has now come in at number two and in third place was the football match between Brazil and Croatia with 5.2 million views.

ISRO subscribers increased

At the time of Chandrayaan 3's landing, the ever-increasing viewership was seen breaking the record of live streaming. Many times more people watched this live than the subscribers of ISRO. At the same time, gradually the number of subscribers of ISRO was also increasing. The number which was earlier 26 lakh has reached the figure of 35 lakh after streaming.

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